Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dumbfounded episode.

Something weird happened today, something that deserves a mention here. A realization like never before, the energy within that exploded, convincing me that sure, music flows in my blood!

We needed some regular grocery and dad was away [He usually does the shopping]. I chose the job [as occasionally I do], but this time I decided to take along a company, my i pod. I left home, closed the door behind me, turned on the player and then magic struck! Music flooded into my ears, connecting me to the abyss, the universal language of music. It ran through my very veins. My knees gave up, I couldn't move an inch, simply sat on the stairs, answering the call of kutulu....
After the song ended, it came to my realization that all this while I had been blocking the entrance to my building! I came back to conscious, reduced the volume and resumed my job.

I am usually among the more aware customers. It takes me time to shop, maybe because I check all details, compare the brands, expiry dates, weight:price ratio, take all my time to make the best choice, just because I don't want to regret later. Today, I chose haphazard stuff, somethings that we didn't even need [thank-god my mum didn't realize that]. Just paid the bills, walked out the supermarket and walked into the dugdhalay [milk and allied products]. Just said "ek pav dahi", picked up the packet, paid some money and walked off. Later the uncle came running behind me to make me realize that I forgot to take the change. He then uttered something that made me go "huh?", and finally do away with my headphones. Turns out, it was the first time in three years [the span of time the store has been open in my neighborhood], that I hadn't checked the amount of curd weighed in the electronic balance, or said the "thank-you" after taking the change. I said the sarcastic "kind of you to notice" and smiled to myself. He looked very pleased with himself, well, i walked off.

After returning home, i just handed over my purchases to mum and walked straight to the terrace to listen to some-more music. My mum told me later, this was weird because, I didn't narrate the details of my interesting venture and how in every-way I was 'the smart shopper'.
It sounds weird but it is true. After turning my player on, i feel that sense of gratification, satiety, that doing nothing else does; Its like, the energy from music, completes me.

Conclusion. I am never taking my i pod along. Even if I do, I am never listening to metal.


Alok said...

I don't need an I pod to be blissfully unaware of the world around me. There's this playlist that keeps on going on in my head! I can't escape from it, and it's awesome! :D
But I still want an I-pod!

The dukanwalla calling you back to return your own money to you thing has happened to me a lot of times, showing my careless nature. What more, I don't feel guilty about it! My parents have reproached me a thousand times for this, but me, I still don't give a crap!

But I get the feel of the post. I connect with music in the same way! I forget everything else, and go deep into myself. I don't believe God exists, but this feeling I get, this is the closest I feel to "God".

P.S. I like "Orion"!
Metallica rules!

Express said...

i love orion better too! Just that this happened during I was listening to kutulu. Like it matters wht song i use anyway....

Thanks for the comment.