Wednesday, April 1, 2009


To whomsoever it may concern

I, Shatabdi Roy Chowdhury, whould like to inform you with a heavy heart that 'examination-time sucks!'. I have been giving exams since last week January 2009 and have them till July 2009. Yes, I have nothing at all to look forward or backward to and am SICK of people testing my abilities, which are way above human perception.

My Univ exams end on the 15th of April so I shall continue blogging. My Facebook profile of the other hand has been deactivated to avoid wasting all the 'precious' time ON the days of examination. But it shall see phases of activation-deactivation often now.

Orkut account lies dead and Don't even ask me about Yahoo messenger, because that was given up eons ago to make way for my exhaustive list on Gtalk.

This is no attempt to cut people out following the recent incidents in my life. It is just a desperate step to keep me away from networking when I come for reference. Because cutting off the internet shall render me handicapped.

*ecstatic because SHE CAN WRITE FORMALLY!*

I have personal messages, like always :)

*!* Trinaa: I have tried to call you 7 times in the last 2 days and your number is "switched off". Kuch hua hai kya?

*!* Crystal: Blogger is INCOMPLETE without you. Come back :-(

*!* Urv: Mental Man. But yea, Thanks for that pep talk. Motivated me immensely.

*!* Arv: I spoke to you!!! Yay! :-D And its just like Ne had said in her guest post on your blog! ;-) Thanks on the advice yea. :-)

*!* Aditi: Saath jiyenge, saath marenge. Ab toh exam center bhi ek hi aa gaya!! Haay dayya!

*!* Laya: yes, you are allowed to laugh. When you are about to graduate, I shall have the last [:P] laugh :-D

*!* Swayam: Padhai kar-le beta. Kabhi kabhi karna chaiye. Sehath ke liye acha hota hai :-P

*!* Ishaan: Ref to Aditi and Swayam's msgs :-D The kids say 'hi' and 'best of luck'.

*!* Divinediu : :((((((((((((((((( MISS YOU

*!* Deluded: You give exams all round the year and your course is lot tougher than mine. So? I'm not gonna cure/kill living people, Am I?

*!* Rajesh: Good luck with the book man. I know you needed feedback from me, I will gradually :-) Tc!

*!* Dita: :-) Milenge, soon! :-)

*!* Alok: Acha don't make face. I'm going back to study!

*!* Soham: :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D You know what :-D

*!* Sachi: Thanks to Graham Bell, my umbilical cord hold onto me :-D Opps, cell phones were chord-less no? :-D BUT, Vodafone vs Airtel rivalry bhi humko durr nahi rakh sakti :-P Love you sachi!

*!* Dishi: Happy holidays!! I know they are not on right now, but what-d-hell they will begin long before mine begin. + Advance Happy birthday :-)

*!* Anurag: Nahi, no Gtalk either. :-)

*!* Crazy: Punjab di kudi pumping padhai karne di energy in me on the phone. Best hai tu crazy! Simply the best! [HBO wala :P]

*!* Ki: Our exams start on the same day :-( which is just FOUR days away. SHIT.

*!* Bhai: Before you kill me. I be gone. :* [runs awayyy]

Love you guys and comments not allowed because I don't wanna get senti. Gmail is the best way to contact. I shall reply on a daily basis :-) Even a 'hi' would mean loads people :-)