Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The most abused songs.

Yea, you read it right. Most used and abused songs. Here are my favorite five with reasons..

No.5--->MY HEART WILL GO ON. Yes, its a beautiful romantic song. But hello!! its not the only love song!!! n then people sing it, to their beloved....with their respective accents....n the tunes go absolutely in any direction. You hear this song all over the place on valentines day, n obviously, all their hearts go on....n on n onnnnn....................

No.4--->YAARON. The one by KK. The song has a special place in my heart. But reality shows simply keep insulting the original version.... over n over n over again. They get the order of the lyrics wrong...arghhhh.......

No.3--->REMIXES---> I dont mind them, some remixes are so good that i perfer them above the originals. And some people really know how to do justice with the songs while keeping the originality n also showing your creativity. But the cheap versions with semiclad girls n excessive use of guitars in music vedios are sure disgusting, arent they??

No.2---> PAL. KK again. This was the first song that i cried for. Indian idol version simply ruined it. WHY! why in the name of merlin did they manage to get the rights?? why did they rape the song so pathetically, with pointless harmonies, 12-15 mediocre singers with flashy clothes, happydent smiles n aweful locations...Ive started hating the song now, Blame the "idols".

No.1---> CHALTE CHALTE!!!!!!! This song has been gang-raped n murdered..Every school last day, every college farewell, every reality show eviction, everytime some1 leaves..from anywhere to anywhere...This song is a ritual! If kishore kumar happens to hear any of the versions of his classic, he wud simply turn about n commit suicide! I feel like crucifying every bastard who sings this song, removing his intestine and making him hang to the tallest tower with it tied to his throat! But then, all my wishes aint fullfilled!!!!!

well, writing still in progress..new posts soon. n uptill then, Kabhi allllvidaa nah kehnaa......


metal-militant said...

Hmmm.nice thought.i also find yaaron a very cranky song.i mean,how insecure can u be about losing ur friends man???

Express said...

well, opinion.

According to me, its neither "cranky" nor about losing your friends.

For me, the song indicates the value of friendship n lurve..convinces us that the way v feel about our friends and love, they reciprocate our feelings. And the original vedio is class. I suggest u ve a closer look ishaan.

metal-militant said...

i gleaned what i mentioned from unavoidable singing sessions at family & friend meetings,so i doubt i need to take a closer look.my opinion stays unchanged.

Express said...

singing sessions, wid friends r fine. U can atleast say w/e u wanna...but with the family, uff! u gotta sit all through with the painful smile on ur face...

Alok said...

Well, to me, a song is successful if it is able to convey to people the emotion that the artist wanted to convey. Better still, if it does that without/ much help from lyrics.
Anyone who listens to "My Heart Will Go On" or "Chalte Chalte" will instantly recognise the sincerity of the emotions in the music, the sadness in the notes. I love it when people pay homage to these songs when they sing them.
Same with KK's songs, except that I hate it when they use the songs in stupid "reality" TV shows. Grrr.
And don't even get me started on Remixes. I haven't heard a good one since "Bin Tere Sanam" by DJ Suketu.

According to me, the worst insult to a song is:
1) To be used by Ekta Kapoor and molested endlessly in one of her TV "soaps".
2) To be used in commercials.

And nice to see you attitude about opinions.

Express said...

well well, sing the songs u like..very much. Wht irritates me is the excessive use of the same songs!!

Alok said...

Yeah, that irritates me too.
This friend of mine, he has this habit of playing the same song like, a million times in the day in his room. Then he repeats the song a thousand times vocally.
I think of punching him when I see that.

Check him out:

Express said...

n particularly the songs that irritate u? my bro does that!!!!!

he cud b called himesh specialist! He wud learn the lyrics by-heart coz he knew that irritates me!!!