Saturday, January 26, 2008

Disoriented neurons.

Yes, alive again. Credits go 2 alok fellow n his endlessly huge comments. :|
Never-the-less, thank-u.

I am thinking of renaming my blog soon, coz it can never be "all" about me... So, i might as well call it "Disoriented Neurons". Why this name?

Well, after meeting endless number of dumbasses n wannabes n the likes of them, Im finally convinced that i do have neurons..
Also the fact that im able to strike absolutely normal conversations [occassionally] only gets me more convinced. So, dedicated to my new discovery, a brain, is the current title.
And yes, my neurons are disoriented, coz exams r nearing....I freak out when i count the days remaining..

Seeing Taare Zameen Par mightve made my friends lazy, convincing them that they r allowed to mess around..But on me, it has had a very different impact. It has reinforced the belief in me that im made for big things, n that i should realise my potentials. So, currently im in a state of transition. From fooling around, to doing night-outs, 2008 has seen it all...n im certain that it shall be one of the most eventful years ive ever lived...

The new year has not been happy, as of now, it has gone mostly into planning..and the remaining? time will tell.....


Alok said...

Now this looks and sounds like a ten-year-old's blog. :D

See, this one was short!

Alok said...

Awww... you destroyed it! :(

But this one's better.
Yes, Taare Zameen Par reinforced my views that everyone is special, no matter how ordinary or underprivileged they might be.

But everything requires hard work. Best of luck to your neurons from me!

P.S. I have exams within 3 days! Someone help my neurons.....

Express said...

my neurons don need the luck man, they already r disoriented. :P

my blog needs all the luc k i see, no1 apart 4m u or me is intrested in it :P

like i care...