Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Us at blogger ; yea, the thing that binds us together, blogger

How many of us open our blogs first thing when we switch on our computers?

*raises hand*

How many amongst us analyze the situations of every-day life like we would enter them on our little owned space on the web?

*raises hand*

Who get worried because some friend had a sad post put-up?

Who think about some comments and start laughing in the middle of a lecture?

Who are attached to blog-mates; laugh with them, cry with them, coz even if no-one else in the world does, they still do the same for us……

Love ya guys! This one is for you. To all my blog-buds and any-one else who bothers to read it all :-)

Well, every-one has their way of analyzing everything. I do, by categorizing; yes, even people. So heres something I cooked up for all those who live via blogger. Interested? Read on!

Kinds of people we come across all the time on blogger. Categories and traits

*~* the Wacky Weirdos [WWs]

You never know what to expect from their blog, because well, even they don’t know why in the first place did they turn up here :-P They write, because there is nothing else to do. Not that they write worthless, every-one has their own style; but you sometimes relate to them and sometimes you go, “whaaaaa?” They write for themselves, don’t think twice before uploading anything; But yea, their spirit simply rocks and others await their comments on their blogs coz well, you never know which new angle they might explore :-D

*~* the Reader Sustainers [RSs]

Diametrically opposites of the WWs. Their posts are consistent, that’s like the perfect way to describe them. Come what may, they manage to entertain the reader and make the best of fan-following. They are prolly the assets of blogger and people can never have enough of them. They don’t care if new readers come, if a good discussion happens, they are happy with even 5 comments.

*~* the Reader Gatherers [RGs]

Ah! They might not write for others, but need that constant buzz on their blog. They don’t post very often, coz they want people to digest each post before they throw a new lot of gossip on them. They hover around on blogger-world commenting on random blogs as they want them to come back and pass their opinions. In short, they are comment obsessive and do not post anything new till a particular number is attained. Nothing wrong, do as you please, but care for at least ‘some’ readers….

*~* the Daily Ranters [DRs]

With a new post almost everyday, their blog is a daily dairy. They cite incidents, pass-on experiences and provide lukkha people with something to read and think about. Their mood reflects on their blogs and well, you can easily relate to them. Nice, warm, realistic people; I like :-)

*~* the Popular chicks and chickoos [PCs]

Oh! They hit headlines for every small big thing they do! You want them to grace your blog by their presence and if you get an entry in their blog-roll, you have achieved that ambition of being on blogger :-P Not their fault, is it? Controversies, all the time; attention grabbing capacity, yea yea; comments ki barsaat, yea baby; :-D The celebrity blogs we come across now-a-days included.

*~* the Brain cell Activators [BAs]

They are different from RSs as they do not necessarily post stuff that other would keep others entertained, but they definitely write for others. They make us scratch our heads to give a worthy enough answer, giving us good enough reason to use our rusted brains. They are sane and smart and witty, awesome company for discussions. One problem with them though, they ask too many questions :-P

Well, I used to wonder, why do people come to a website and put out everything they have in their brain and hearts out in the open. Well, now I know. Because it feels good! Whatever be it, the spirit of blogging rocks and the current state of blog-world is perfect. I just hope all the hype doesn't spoil it.

Hail bloggers!

As far as 'I' am concerned,

I guess I have shades of all, but prominently am a WW :-D and yes, I agree with people who say that the content quality on my blog has deteriorated because of my professional writing ventures, but, is my blog about the quality of my content? It is about my mode of expression, period.

Are there any other categories that you can think of? Something distinct that has not been covered?

What category do you fall under?

P.S. Ganpati bappa has come home and I am ecstatic! Happy Ganesh Chathurti. :-)


Sutta said...

I fall in the group which is I guess not mentioned here.
The one who write only to write and not for others to read. ;)

Express said...

@ sutta
haha, WW?

aree bahuutt categories hai, just trying 2 make groups :-D

and btw, when d u plan 2 write nxt?

Alok said...

I don't believe in categorising myself. I might belong to many of the ones you mentioned here. Maybe you can suggest where you think I belong.

And yes, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you.

Arv said...


I would raise my hand for all those first set of questions :)

have a nice evening.. cheers...

Sach! said...

``Opening the blogs
``Analyzing situations on my blogs
koi shaq...
``Get worried because some friend had a sad post
hai hum to kya gum jaaneman ;)
``Thinking about some comments/posts and start laughing
Ask my friends..they know it all...
``Attached to blog-mates
U dare doubt!!!

I come into:
WWs whose happy even without comments(mostly!)
DRs who write for my ownself(often!)
And blog on! yeh hai waqt ka ishaara ;)

(btw I too categorize everything :P)

Sach! said...

btw you are tagged madame..

Express said...

@ alok
Well, whatever u please :-)
I categorize, I am not asking any-one to join in my madness if it bothers you :-D

I think u r a RS, dunno if u wud agree, well... :-)

Ganpati bappa morya!!

@ Arv

Cheers to you too!

Express said...

@ sachi
Ha ha! wht a wonderful comment!!

hum toh shayaad bach-pan se hi same same hai :-P
yaar, tu pehle kyu nahi mili!

Categorizing helps nah? bechare neurons thode toh orient ho ja-te hai :-D

Thanks for tagging, It sure shall b done boss.

Love ya!

Sach! said...

yaar sab bade logo ki galti hai..chal na better late than nevr!

BIG Omi said...

U n I share some amazing wavelength ... i recently was to come up with posts dedicated to various classification of Blogger Personality..

I think I m the one in WW (No my mohawk hair dress is not the criteria for that)

but again its situational u see..

and one more thing i raised almost both my hands for the questions u asked in the pre-writeup!!!


Express said...

@ big omi
acha? did I do enough justice?

WWs rock man....any-day!



gunj said...

babes i so knw ur obsession with lists :D
gud one there!
n u played it safe by sayin u are a lil bit of all ;)

Trinaa said...

oh shit..m definitely a WW!!

Alok said...

Okay, if you say so.

Scribblers Inc said...

where do I figure??:P

Scribblers Inc.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a daily ranter :O
P.S. New layout, go see! :)

Express said...

@ gunj
hehaha!! yeaaaa, I love listing and categorizing!!! I am an organized maniac! I am a bullets and numbering psycho :-D :-D

and yea, I played not a PC nah, don't like faltu ppl taking offense n gonna give "ideal examples" but chose against tht.

so wht r u? ;-)

@ trinaa
yea....on a WWs blog, majority are WW :-D

I am not a typical though...u mite b :-) good on ya! WWs rock!


Express said...

@ Scribbler
Oh man! thats some question! :-P

You r a PC ;-) but no, u r BA too. wait, RS, RG, I just say that you fall in *all* categories acc 2 me?

go figure!

@ ki
hehe, niccee..I can't even think of more than 2 posts a week..

atleast some1 thinks that they fall in just *one* category. This post was not a total waste :-P I m happy!!


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

mei kyaa huaa ??

Shrutilaya said...

I love your layout + Blog!

Oh, AND.. I'm a daily ranter!

Anurag said...

I guess am a combination of R.S and R.G ....what do ya think ??

P.S a bong..
You should make that out with moi url name :P :D

Think Tank said...

shit ..i don't even want to say which group i belong to

Express said...

@ jiggs
a purfect example of WW!

even u ve no idea of wht u write :-P
well, acc 2 me though..


@ shrutilaya
hey! Welcome to my page.
DR? interesting..

and thanks a lot man! for the visit, and all the sweet things you said :-)

Good to see ya around, :-)

Express said...

@ anurag
RG + RS? Ooo, interesting.
Maybe, u know better :-)

at least u relate to the post. my job done :-P

and now tht u said, I actually checked it :-D how cud I miss it man!!

@ think tank
huh? was something obvious that I miss out?

well, every category has its own positives yaar...Thr is no category tht shud b looked up or down upon. Thats the last thing I would want people to make out of this post.

Every1 has their style and I have just made some analysis, might even be pointless :-P Feel free, u r at a WWs :-D


Rajesh said...

Wondeful write-up...i actually loved was a good analysis...

hmm...think I'm one of the Wacky Weirdos....wat do u say???

BIG Omi said...

arey u did it very well and it won't would have been any better ...

BTW i somehow hate those celebrity bloggers... not all but many of them.. actually only one.. phew..


And my best wishes to you and your family.. Ganpati Bappa ... Morya!!!

Ashish Surana said...

Now as you have wrote it, kindly blog roll me , guess you fall in that category :P

(At least till you blog roll me :D )

crasiezt said...

You sure are obsessed:P But must say, very well analyzed!! Impressive:P

Meri category bata na:-)

And I liked the reply to my comment on your previous post:-) Very sweet..bhagwan ne teri sun hi li:P And if you wanted to do that tag, you should have told me..tag kar deti tujhe:D

Express said...

@ Rajesh
yea..WW! Maybe even RS?

and thanks a ton 4 that award!
meant something!
I feel like a celebrity already!


@ Big Omi
yea, Ganpati Bappa morya!
but ghar-k ganpati bappa gone :-(

still, these 10 days r awesome fun!

celebrity bloggers hmm....I don't relate to them, so I don't read them, simple.. :-)

Glad u liked it...
u can still do ur issues actually :-)

Express said...

@ Ashish
LOL! firstly, welcome 2 my blogey!

and lovely comment, yes..
But u don't get the honor..coz..
1. I decide w/e I have to do on my blog :-D
2. I don't wanna lose the celebrity status by blog-rolling common-men :-D
3. My blog-roll is not a record of the blogs I keep track of, Its a list for my good blog-buds :-)

Anyways, thanks for the visit. :-)

@ craziest
u fall in the "sweet-hearts" category! blogger categories gayi bhad mein!

and no issues yaar...I actually thought it ws a "long" tag :-D and no..I could ve picked it up anyway, don't worry abt nething!


P.S. On second thoughts, a WW? wassay? :-P

Bhai with Chai said...

God! you're into lists as well..
shit you know what.. I had written this post once.. where in I had written how I categorize people all the time etc etc..

and there's this friend who always goes.. "just how many lists do you have?"..*tearin his hair*


this one was well thought of ya!

but but but.. I can't seem to understand my category..

anyway, you know what? my connection is so bad that it's after 5 attempts that I've managed to get to the dashboard! %^$&%$

you takecare!

Express said...

@ Bhai with Chai
shame pinch, shame pinch! Listing, all the time....

gunj ka comment padh le, pura in short idea mil jayega :-D post the link 2 tht people category post nah...its on old blog k new?

and u knw whhttttttttt
my net is usually amazing, but since I ve read this comment of urz...25,000 times dc ho raha hai!!

hum logoke internet's bhi sisters hai kya?


Anonymous said...

i fall in the category.. of gay bloggers...sutta also.. we write for each other..for our DIVINE LOVE

Anonymous said...

ganpati bappa moorya !

Bhai with Chai said...

how did you assume they were not brothers! :P

That post, I'll put @chaiaurgupshup as well!

PS : ganeshji happens to be my most fav.. and since bal-ganesha.. my obsession for Modaks is driving my mom mad.. :D

Urv said...


Hmm.. I think it would be better for someone else to judge my category.. U may do the honors.. :) But I blog mainly to express my opinion, to pen down the trivial memories of life, make friends, and try to make people smile a bit on the way..

Anindita said...

Hmmm!! Notes to self:

* Sutta has stopped reading my blog.
* Samby has declined me permission to his blog
* My blog quality is declining miserably.
* Should kill Sutta and ask Samby to like move on! (The stud doesn't know how bad the women would like to hit on him!!)
* Ganpati Bappa came to my place as well.
* Am waiting fervently for Durga Puja so I can meet you. :D
* I still don't know what category I fall under, can you enlighten me????

Anindita said...

@ Samby

I want to read as well!! Mind doing the honours?????!!!!!!

Ashish Surana said...

==@ Express

Saying "thanks" as if you dont want me to visit ur blog again :P

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

hey.. first time im coming here, n your post knida made me feel welcome...i completely agree with you in the first part of your post (raises hand)
really nice blog.. will see you round and hope 2 getting to know you better..

btw, chk out my blog and tell me which category i fall into

Express said...

@ Paratrooper
Long-live homosexuals! I am joining the community soon as u didn't permit me close 2 the guy in question :-|


Divine love, sure it is, long live your love, but u don't know tht he is cheating behind your back. Recent updates: he was actually caught disclosing to a female blogger that he is bi!!!!

maaro pakadke sutta ko!

and yea, morya! Bappa morya re! :-)

@ Bhai with Chai
yea yea, anything for Ganeshji.

and ROTFL at the brothers thing! siblings bolte hai, let them decide their gender :-D

and when u put-up tht post, mention tht express ne bola toh kiya hai :-P


Express said...

@ Urv
hey cute description! :-)
I don't wanna jugde yaar, and how does it even matter?

Just let the spirit of blogging live long! likhte raho n mera likha hua read karte raho :-D

baki tu RS ho, RG ho, WW ho, ya BA farak painda hai?

@ Anindita
Haha! yaasss.... but I toh hit openly on him...nahi toh like I just did, get him hit :-D

Durga puja, yea :-)

u r a RS :-) and WW combo. Pata nahi, even maybe PC, I was very happy when u added me on ur blog-roll :-D

Express said...

@ Ashish
Oh, how I wish :-D
no-no, u r welcome here boy, and thanks main sab naye logoko bolti hu, kafi 2nd time wapas nahi aate nah :-P

@ Harini
Hey! yes, you are welcome to my page :-)
well, thanks for the good things u said abt my blogey and yea, a lotta ppl do relate to the 1st part :-)

Don't worry abt the category though, its just some gyan show-off, another stupid post :-D

Thanks for the visit.

crasiezt said...

Muah! That was so sweet:-)
It is people like you that can make a difference to a stupidly fucked up Monday morning!!

And yes I quite fit into the WW category:D

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BIG Omi said...

Time for a new post buddy.

gunj said...

tu bata, im sure i cme across as d ghatiya types but kuch intentional nai hai :P