Saturday, September 20, 2008

Late comer's manual

Continued from Amchya mumbaichya local trains

As I said, I am usually 10-15 minutes late for each morning’s 1 hour toxic dose of studies called “lectures”. My teachers are co-operative nice people, so they understand. But like friends ask me, how can you expect it “every single day?” So questions come my way, “Oh! Shatabdi! Why late?!”

And then you have this millisecond to come up with a convincing reply. Sometimes when I know it for sure that I shall arrive long after the teacher, I call up my friends and give them a bana-banaya bahana. So, no spanking as such for being late, they already know :-D But, you can’t do this every-ruddy-day man! So, here are my tried-tested-best-working-universal-lies for being a regularly irregular student :-D

*~* Ma’am, I am not keeping well. [weak face coupled with a cough :-D]

*~* I am sooo sorry ma’am! Alarm clock ka batteries discharge ho gaya tha! I got up at 6:45 and I am here at 7:45; that is something ma’am! :-P

*~* While coming to the station my car broke down! Abhi high-way pe lift kaha se milta ma’am! [worried face, ruffled hair :-P]

*~* I was studying late night sir, aap hi ka chapter ;-)

*~* Watchman didn’t let me in! I-card nahi laya :-D

*~* It was raining in vashi :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

*~* I fell on the station and hurt my leg! [with a little sad face, sympathy follows instantly]

*~* I forgot something important at home and traced my way back, so, late [usually saying journals or home-assignment helps :-P and do NOT mention lunch-box here :-P]

*~* What!!! I am LATE??? Oh! My watch! My watch!!

And the reason that almost always saves my very sorry ass is……..

*~* Trains late!
[which they usually are not]

So, there you go. Ready made explanations for your delay. Also, talk as much as possible, so that the teacher takes you in just to shut you up :-P

And I really hope my teachers don’t find the way to get to my blog ;-)

P.S. Update. Campusjunkie has been kind. They have finally acknowledged my hard work and awarded me with tools to show-off :-D Visiting cards provided to all core-writers! Have a dekho on Jiggs's blog. Mine reads,
Shatabdi Roychowdhury
Core writer.


Express said...

P.S. Missing you guys badly! You telecom is sure losing one customer real soon! :x :x :x

P.P.S. Ha gunj, hass le. wapas apni list-wali aukaad mein aa gayi :-P

Bhai with Chai said...

lol.. inne bahane!
We're generally never asked only! :P
My pet ones are :
morning class : bus was late,
otherwise: doc's appointment, meeting with so n so teacher (LOL) , work in the admin block and similar crap! :D

ps : congos core writer! way to go!

Anurag said...

Lollz..don't you guyzz give Proxies ??

Ohh well in engg there's no such "problems"...Even you come at 9.25 for a 8.30-9.30 lecture you are allowed to enter and give your attendence :D(that applies only for few prof's though)

btw edit the link of "Jiggs blog"...U hv given two "http's" back to back .....
Writing pad ..kool yaar

Vinz aka Vinu said...

that was nice compilation...!!

i often used to say, my bike tyres got flattened..


Rajesh said...

Ha...haa....superb excuses...especially the ones wherein u say it rains at washi... watchman dint let me in!! too cool....especially the words in parenthesis capturing the expressions....amazing!!! loved it..

SHATABDI rocczzz!!!!

Trinaa said...

muhahahahaha..ur late EVERYDAY?? woooww..that does take a lot of practice! ;)

congratz on the award ji :)))

Arv said...


late daily??? now thats something :)

a good collection of excuses...

have a nice sunday... cheers...

Sach! said...

Missing me?? Muaaahhhhh
Aur tu to bachpan se hi bhaanebaaz hogi...waise ye traits tujh mein sirf surrounding engineers se aaye hai :P
N congo core writer ;)

Express said...

@ Bhai with Chai
aree 40 logoki class hoti hai, and wohi teachers humien teeno saal sikhatein hai yaar...rug rug se wakif hai :-P

doc's appointment doesn't work. I wanna sit in class man, I am just late, 1 small innocent galti! and subah 7:20 ko konsa doc milta hai yaar..bata-do toh hum bhi bahana maar le :-P not uploading. salary cheque karungi ;-)

@ Anurag
1stly, sorry 4 not replying on orkut. net-er baarota beje geche, home-page khulche-e na. :-(

No proxy , coz its hardly a class of 40 ppl yaar. Plus, I wanna sit in class, I am very very regular! I am just late :-P
Thanks for that edit, stupid mistakes!
and yea, campusjunkie is cool...shall let u guys know 1s it is launched!


Express said...

@ vinz aka vinu
LOL!!! yea, my classmates give that reason often..

and considering the potholes in mumbai, having a flat tyre everyday is not difficult :-P


@ Rajesh
Hehaha, thankss!!
Aree now I am bored of lying. I just apologise. And after reading ur comment on mumbaichya local trains, I got enthusiasm to reach on time :-D
now I go just 5 minutes late :-D
and these bahanas are of no use 2 u...shaa....


Express said...

@ trinaa
haa ji, and trust me, not proud.
Teachers have confessed that they take me in and bear with my non-sense, only coz I answer in class :-P :-P :-P

Thankss, mil yaar, card thama dungi :-P

@ Arv
Yes, late :-D
They used to call me, late-lateef and train-not-on-time etc.
Now , if I come on-time, that is news! :-D :-D :-D

actually, had a nice sunday :-) Thanks..
Cheers 2 u too!

Express said...

@ sachi
missing u bad! :-(
ruk, main aaj raat ko call karungi :-)

surrounding engineers, lol! and main faltu mein hi creative ho-ne ka ishtyle maar rahi thi :-P

thanks babes, how I wish I could give u one of my lil babies.....

Usually I am punctual, lectures bore hoye hai yaar...
tu bhi late usually?

Alok said...

Ooof when are they gonna launch the site? x(

I think they're drawing inspiration from you in being late. :D

Anindita said...

It was raining in Vashi? Really????!!! :D

And since Jiggs didn't answer my question; could you? How can I write for campus junkie as well?! I have at least a year to spare if not more!!!


Express said...

@ Alok
Haha...we had a look at the test run, looks okay.

Tujhe toh card ka poora thappi pakdana hai!!! abhi lagta hai milna hi padega :-P

and yea....late lol!
but somehow we are not too optimistic about the outcome. let us see.


@ Anindita
See, it is a college forum website. So, if your college is not a part of the colaboration, you cannot technically rite 4 them.

8 core writers from each college, and other students from that college write to run contests n win money. core writers r paid according to the ratings of their articles for each deadline. we havn't actually been given any cash, but we know of our salary :-D :-D Its not too much money yaar...but other things like the exposure, parties, visiting card, fun makes it a gr8 experience :-)

If u need the money and I need the article, we can negociate though :P :P ;-)

BIG Omi said...

Quite cool.. will use them at my further studies classrooms..

office mein toh late means.... a day full of sarcasm..

BIG Omi said...

campusjunkies sounds good... whats that..

Alok said...


As the Name suggests, it's a group of College Students (Campus) who like getting high (Junkies).

You get to write about your "experiences" on their private site.

And then they send cards at your home to prove that you are a member.

Isn't that just wonderful? XD

peter said...

I have added a few lame excuses in my list of excuses :P

nice ones !

Anindita said...

Chal deal! =D

gunj said...

awww i miss makin bahanaz @ college!!

n\my pet bahana used to be, maam i stay real far away, hav o travel 60 km everyday , plz let me in!:P

gunj said...

aur ye teri list number n+1 thi :P

Akshay said...

I think some of my friends can use this...

Anonymous said...

Congrats about the visiting card!
And in my college, walking in late is a norm, no one is on time! :P
So no need for excuses! Although in Delhi, blaming traffic and bad roads are always a safe option. :P

Express said...

@ Big Omi
Haha, yea...
and being late to work might even mean losing some cash of the salary..
I will go 1/2 our early :-P

Campusjunkie is a college forum website. Shall let you know once we are launched.

@ alok

mil tu bas!

Express said...

@ Anindita
Tujhe mazaak laga? I mean it :-D
I will need 20% commission though.

@ peter
Ah! welcome to my blogey.
And yea, good ones nah? I have used each one of them abt 20 times and never been caught :-P

Thanks for the visit,
and keep dropping by :-)

Express said...

@ Gunj
Ah! I never wanna pass-out!
aree proble m yahi thi k my class-mates come from very very verryy far off places and come 15 mins b4 lecture time :-|

lists to banani hi hai yaar, as I told u,
systematic approach is always the best :-P

@ Akshay
hmm :-)

Aate rahiye kabhi kabad, kaha ghum ho jata hai!

Express said...

@ Ki
haha, yea...but subah 7 baje traffic?
I used to use it for my 10 baje ka lectures in First Year; till the teacher saw me at dadar station :-D

Then the announcements were made and my main bahana had 2 be given up :-(


Anindita said...

15% commission works??? :D

I'm super serious too! :)