Sunday, August 30, 2009

Different cities, different ways..

I always heard that India is 'diverse'; Now I finally know what that means..

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It took me about more than a month to get used to the ways of the new city. Considering the fact that both the cities have very different history, this was expected. What makes it complicated is that the concepts that are just normal here are considered hilarious there and ways of life there are plain weird here. 'I' meanwhile am stuck between the places and trying to hunt for a midway.

Like, if you named a part of the city as 'High-tech city' in mumbai, people would either die laughing or simply change the name; and the same thing in Hyderabad is, 'cool' :-| I'm yet to know what is so high-tech about the high-tech city, the rocks are pretty authentic though..

The kinds of clothes I wear were never a matter of concern for me back home. Here, if i leave the room wearing shorts, the amount of staring is unbelievable! I try and wear 'full' clothes and even a scarf [for the sun] to just complete the burkha effect! My normal hairstyles are now 'fancy' and my sense of style is 'fashionable'. I get compliments thrown at all the time and more than making me happy, it ends up making me uncomfortable. Weird, very weird.

Oh, another thing..
If I come across a random guy in Mumbai, like the auto-walah / shopkeeper types, and call him 'bhaiya' it is supposedto be very offensive! I've called such people as 'uncle' all my life; and now if I call them uncle, I get a sly smile quipped with "Main aapko uncle lagta kya madam?" :-| Yeah, thats Hyderabadi hindi for you :-|

The local trains are replaced by MMTS, which suck
The Vada Pav is replaced by Dal wada;
The Cutting chai became 'Special tea';
Running to catch train has become cycling to class;
Super heavy showers shrunk into occasional drizzles;
DPs Restaurant has become Gopal shop;
Mom-made food is now putrid mess food;
Shivaji Park beach is now Peacock lake side;
The Biggest party ever called 'college' is over..
and campus life just happened!

Am I not happy?
No. There is not much to be unhappy about. The University is the best, facilities are bestest ever, people are kinda decent, my faculty is super-sexy and I've decent number of friends..

Then why am I whining?
I have my first internal exam this week :'(

P.S. Bharath is the only person in the university whom I knew before I came here; and as always, its FUN to meet blog-mates! :D


soin said...

replace mumbai with chennai and hydrebad with raipur and its the same story with me too..atlest hydrebad is better than

Misanthropist said...

UOH entrance mein dungi ;) It does have general biotech :)) And yes I hope a rocking "campus life" awaits me :D

deluded said...

oh. nice.

it seeeems that somebody got.......

workhard said...

Hehe... that was a very good i too know the difference between Hyd and Mumbai.. hope u adjust soon...:)

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Express said...

@ Soin
yea? I dunno, the campus is more or less cosmopolitan.. so i'm not really having to live in the city.. u knw?

@ Misanthropist
aree give give... its doin fabulously well..
and 57 AIR of JNU pe it stopped.. u'll have to kick arses to c lear for this place

Express said...

@ deluded

considering its you, got... could be ANYTHING!

@ workhard
and yea, HCU
biochem, 1st sem

Anonymous said...

I have a brand new blog baby :*

and all the best for the exam! :D

Kaka said...

mmts hardly has any crowds but the new mumbai trains are modelled on the mmts.....even i went out in shorts in hyd my uncles and relatives were like wat r u wearing...???....hyderabadi hindi is too funny....:)no rains and lot of heat...mess food is always horrible...:)nice post..:)

Shrav said...

but don't you like when you are complimented??? :P

have fun :):)

lol, abt the shorts, all i can say is lol again :)

Alok said...

I read the title as, "Different cuties, different ways.."

And was hugely disappointed. x(

Shrutilaya said...

I miss you :*

Ranjith said...

a belated welcome to hyderabad. i can understand HCU not being IN the city.. too far!

all the best however.. try biryani sometime in bawarchi or astoria or paradise... it'll be great

divinediu said...

I am really sorry about the food. I can imagine how rough that can be.

Bhai with Chai said...

oi I seem to have missed a LOT.
First of all, congratualtions :)
Also, all the best for internals (no you must be done with them by now) .. so i hope you did WELL :)

Hyd hmm.. That's one city I do not want my joining in.. Can't say why though..


AG said...


WhiteMoonWatching said...

i never want to leave college and DPs and Bombay :(
you've made sure of that
and i hate dal wada :(((
but it's nice that ur having a good time :)