Saturday, November 7, 2009

We didn't start the fire

We just took a burning match and dropped it in the bottle full of alcohol.

Never. We will never take responsibility of our wrong doing; And even if something good happens and we were not even remotely involved in it, all we try to do is 'gain some credit'!

Well that's human tendency and we humans tend to do many things.
Judge someone
Not smile often
not reply back 'hellos'
cut phone calls coz we are bored
just be bored
just be lazy
Miss the wrong people
blame others
Not accept change

all human tendencies
and all irrelevant.
Or is it so?

Food for thought: Treat others the way you want to be treated back.


soin said...

and we also question who put the alcohol relevant is relevancy to humans..i know

Kaka said...

welcome back....:)...sensible post...

Aditi Gupta said...


im goint thru the same

food for thought was bang on...

supp with u ?

Anurag said...

I so agree...U still thinking abt these stuffs in middle of semesters :P....or is it over

A sensible post this...Aaah we humans :P

divinediu said...

It isn't irrelevant. I act that way only if I'm in one of those moods. If I don't say hi to you when I meet you, there will be a valid enough reason!

Misanthropist said...

how true!
how often we miss the wrong people!

Express said...

Precisely. Being in the hostel has made me experience new kinds of people and also new kinds of human tendencies.

More on that later

and you, welcome 2 my blogroll :)

yes, feels good 2 b back on track. Its weird how i need 2 blog during exams... hmm..
Mental note, waste time when u have none.. or is blogging a waste of time?

Express said...

coz both of us r in the same stage of life no? :)
I'm dead. ve screwed half my exams and need to pass the rest. and all this despite studying like a jackass. MSc in one of the country's best is simply not a joke man...

are 2 coming home in dec? i'm in mumbai almost all month..

i'll call babe.
miss u bad.

Express said...

There is no particular time when v can think abt some things no? and no.. exams go on till 20th :(

i'm coming on 27th though.
17 more days.. sigh..

and this post means more than it looks like. within-wala connection :D

how be u?

Yea, but then that's what no.. If someone is saying 'hi', it doesn't take too much to reply. We dont need 2 b children n hold grudges.. just leave ppl as they r.. just coz u r greeting some1 need not mean that they mean something 2 u.. nah?

anyway.. if u dont greet me back i'll die :(

Express said...

Ha! that HAD to thr in the list. No? :D

Sach! said...

oye kiddo! y low?
remeber to be friend be one! N u r 1 dnt worry :)
btw...we humans lose contacts wen they buy new cellph :P so kindly mail me ur no. :) i ll b home in dec !! yay ??

divinediu said...

It was hypothetical. You saw how excited I was when we met, na?


Kaka said...

@express blogging isnt a waste of time...but to waste time we blog.....:P..well me and soin above are busy with doign nothing most of the time...we will blog even during exams...good luck for yours...:)

metal-militant said...

Great post.And the last part is highly relevant to me.I end up saying some really nasty things to people and its only after I say them do I realise how I would have felt if someone had said that to me.But these days I do check myself more often because of exactly this.

As a side note,its funny how someone who calls himself 'Misanthropist' has a blog and is socializing with people.

Leonardo said...

And the precise reason that you expect people to do these things is because there are those who've treated you well. People are good. Period. Its the cataract of cynicism that filters these bits out.