Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Alone III

I thought I would not need to write further about this. I planned to put up some poem or recipe or tag or any random jazz. BUT I NEED to write about this! [loonnggg post]

The penultimate day into the exciting term turned out to be WOA! Its not like I’ve not had days out with friends, but today involved no sleep, total excitement, a fabulous phone call, unexpected money, an old friend coming back.. whom I missed so much, all the negativity eliminated and most importantly, CRAP FOOD!

I have given up junk food, errmm.. had actually *sheepish grin*
Ok, relaxed the resolution for one day, today :D

Day started last night at 12 when I was errmm.. trying very hard to study and not succeeding. I was online and wanted to talk badly to someone, anyone. I have a few very good friends who’ve been there with me throughout. I don’t know how much of a good friend I have been to them, but well, I’ve tried :-) Last night however I did not want to call up any of them, I wanted to stay isolated; something VERY rare for whom I am.

And then tears leaked out of my eyes.

I am not someone who cries, I so am not! I didn’t cry when my cousin sister left.. Not because I am this tough girl or something, it is coz I can’t cry. But last night, I felt as if the burden of over 2 months, the losses, betrayal, defeat, crash of a dream, losing a person.. it all came back, I succumbed and then, came out victorious. Washing away all sin, all bitterness, all hopelessness, all of it. Someone helped me do that, didn’t flinch when I wailed like a little child who was deprived from his favorite toy.

I know you are reading, but, you don’t know how much it means to me.
How important the last sleepless night was for me. It was not just about what you thought it was about, but many other things interlaced. But well, I am a complex creature :D I am out of the guy I was so crazily in love with, to whom it didn't matter. Argh, Loves MAKES you lame!

Anyway, so 5:30 am, final phone call cut, I lay sleepless on my bed and so? I start making dessert for my parents, who come 2mrw nite! Then an hour of good soulful music and 7 a.m. maid’s arrival :-|

Later in the morning, sorting of things with the friend I was talking about, more sigh of relief. Then later in the day, bhag-daud of getting ready, I was going to my favorite place in the world, College! To meet Aditi! To get the last salary for quite some time, sigh.. yes, I quit writing for campusjunkie.
Even heart-to-heart talks with you made my day gal, you [21] made me see many things that we 19 yr olds ignore :P

Anyway, both of us, non-foodies, ended up having all possible kinds of foods and drinks during the day. Dosas, Parathas, Fruit beer with lemonade in round 1 and then despite being full upto the brim, A Belgian waffle, some slush and coke in round 2 :D If you thought that was it for 2day's food, hang on.

Further, my eating spree menu included, Pani-puri, a pineapple pastry, Nimbooz, gum-loads of chewing gum, 2 ice-creams-one cornetto n the other butterscotch! The icing on the cake was the pizza in the night courtesy Domino’s.. yea, they suck, but what the hell, an entire pizza all by myself?! And I could finish it mister, I could. The chicken, the corn and extra cheese, oh la la.
OK, I feel fat.
But whatever.

As it ticks 12 in the clock, I'm here doing something I love to, blogging :-)

What is important is that I realized that hanging out with friends is as important as being there for them. Sometimes it is not possible, sometimes you have to depend on that phone because of the physical distances. But when it is possible, make it happen :-)

Oh, why is this called ‘home alone’?
As I could be the way I was, because I was home alone :-) No continuous influx of phone calls, no time limit, no money expenditure limit, no emotional expenditure limit :-)

Tonight is the last night I shall be alone at home,
And so, I shall make the most of it ;-)

Gyan Share: The phone kills your brain cells! It is not about the convenience, it is the amount of energy you expend into it, to only feel sluggish later. – Aditi Gupta.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Alone II

As days are going by, I'm getting more used to the concept of being [stuck] at home :P
The maid seems to be 'on-time',
the chores seem to be 'just fine'
and that was one sucky rhyme..

ahem. whatever.

What I was saying is, even the plants seem so much more nicer now! And sorry for the wrong information previously, they are not 70, but 56 :-) and watering the roots first and then sprinkling the leaves is just being nice to them, because well, in my mum's absence, they are MY responsibility :-) The roses bore buds and so I am super happy! actually even a new leaf is being noticed and that is making my day! :-)

I'm enjoying the cooking bit so much that I ended up inventing my very own recipe! Hold your breath ladies n gentlemen, it is called..
*drum rolls*
and I like it because it literally puts the mouth on fire :-P

Among other things, this living alone at home is turning out to be a major learning experience. And well, all the things learnt are about ME. Here's a some of it in a jiffy..

*!* I love Capsicum and Tomatoes so much that I add them in almost everything I make! :P

*!* I can manage perfectly well without television. Yes, TV or No TV, same difference.

*!* Laundry STILL is the besht stress-reliever :-)

*!* I will actually die if my phone is taken away. Plus majorly my STD calls are my life savers :-)

*!* Praying makes me feel good :-) And if you even sincerely think of god once in a while, the entire atmosphere becomes so positive; this is what they mean by 'aura cleansing' maybe :P

*!* I CAN take bath once in two days, BUT I take bath everyday just because I have to pray :D

*!* Google Earth is FUN!

*!* If I sleep well in the night, that is 5 hours, [before the bell rings @ 7]; I'm calm and happy, in other words, in good mood, for the whole day! And 'that' IS important.

*!* I NEED a lotta juices and liquids at any given time. A bottle of water accompanies me where-ever I go. And I had never noticed this! argh!

*!* I am a decent enough cook. But mumma still is the best! I might just get a little more appreciative of the effort my mum takes to make nice delicious food despite all the work on her head. Thank you ma, for being so awesomely consistent!

Well, I made custard for breakfast and it turned out very well. Thanks to Ki's early morning msg :-) For the lunch, I wanted something Indian and mum suggested Khichdi [over the phone] and I instantaneously concurred. I made it well even, just that it is made, errmm, enough for 5 people :-| and I am too bored to eat it for 5 meals straight.. so do YOU guys mind joining me for breakfast or lunch tomorrow? :P

I went for home utility shopping today, here's the list :-D
1. Mangoes
2. Eggs
3. Milk
4. Curd
5. Shampoo
6. Ready-to-eat Dal Makhni
7. Lemon
8. Eye-drops
9. Orbit
:) :) :)

and yeah, considering the stupendous response to the gyan sharing bit [:P], that shall be part of the post as and when possible :-P People have P.S. I shall have G.S. :D
So until later, Take care guys! and give your mum a Tight Hug from my side! :-)

Gyan Share: Don't try very hard to open unknown phone handsets. It might just be one click and that dear nail might have to be sacrificed for nothing.. *mourn*

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home Alone

Ah yes, You read right.

No-one at my place, barring the plants for company.. Why I specifically mention them? Because watering my mother's 70 odd pots each day, is a pain in the wrong place :-| It's times like these for which I keep asking my parents for a Pet Dog, or a Gold fish even.

But then, ah, yes.. I'm not complaining!

I've lived by myself in pune, but that's NOTHING when compared to staying at your place without constant parental scrutiny. I can cook my own food, do my own thing, talk on phone for hours together; in short, be my own self! There is a long list of things that I can't do, but I'm not getting into all that.

There was this long list of 'instructions' that my mum had to deliver [and continues delivering over the phone] that initially were funny, then the same lines started sounding out of concern, but now they are plain annoying.

*!* Put the milk in the refrigerator. [Who drinks milk when you are away?]

*!* Water the plants. [Yes mumma]

*!* Don't open the door to strangers. [I'm almost 20!]

*!* Water the plants. [Oh yes]

*!* Don't keep the kitchen messy. [Like you'd know, ha!]

*!* Water the plants. [:-|]

*!* You can identify chloroform, right? [Till I identify, I'll be in Switzerland, At least in the dream! ]

*!* Water the plants. [Heard of drip irrigation?]

*!* Puja karna, roz, subah sham. [?]

*!* Water the plants. [Why couldn't you just keep 10, favorite ones?]

*!* If you don't keep your bed crisp clean, bad omens will enter the house. [I never did that even when you were here. Additional work is cheating!]

*!* Water the plants. [Could I just throw them down the terrace? But then I'll have to throw 7-8 a day, they are SO MANY!]

*!* Computer lock karke jau kya? [how the hell do you do that?!? Plus, Oh hello! I'd DIE!]

*!* Water the plants. [Has some-one told you that you own a mini-jungle?]

*!* The house-maid comes at 7 a.m. every morning.

I don't mind 8, but 7, SEVEN?

And they call up @ 7 every morning [even sunday] to see how awake I am :-|

Parents... argh!
They always ruin ALL the fun! x-(

P.S. Its getting boring now. Drop me some tips no.

P.P.S. A lil bitta gyan sharing. Never ask a guy "What's up?" Unless you want weird answers :P

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have never been so long without being updated...
about whatever has been happening in everyone's life who means so much to me.

I have been juggling between Mumbai and Pune since more than a month and well, running all over both the cities. Have had my share of fun, but now, I'm just tired.
Tired of trying to figure what I have been doing for the past year,
Tired of giving exams and hoping to clear 'any one' of them,
Tired of having such frequent mood swings and giving un-necessary things so much importance.

Now, fullstop.

To ALL the crap.

I've decided, I'm just NOT going to be too hard on myself.

No, I'm not asking.. Its all done. So, I don't need your views about how I should live my life. [To that Mr. adviser]

Well, among other things.. I was left for almost half a week without a phone *sob*
It was sooo difficult to manage without one! Firstly, because it was the only thing that kept me connected to the rest of the world...and then, whenever I was out, my hand just kept going to the pocket and I had this constant feeling that I had forgotten something :-( No msgs, no calls, not even missed calls :-(
But then now, I have a back-up and shall have my new sony in a couplea, life's GOOD :-)

I hate myself because
1. I've not read any of blogs since about a month!
2. I've not spoken to any of you guys since so long.. [Expect a call in a day or two people ;-)]
3. I have forgotten birthdays! so many :-(
I actually wished Ishaan FIFTEEN days later! Gosh! Any of you does that to me, I'm so going to issue the 'Hang to death' verdict! S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y! And Ishaan was so cute to message back, "Hehe, its ok.. happens" :-| And hence, you are allowed to forget my birthday this year; do you even know what THAT means Mr metal militant?

Oh, Arv, I was sulking so much the day you messaged! It almost made my day! Thanks :-)

Well, so now that I am back, at least temporarily, I shall definitely make it a point to read all your blogs. Especially Pixie's. :-)

Yea, I know my blog template has changed too often.. But I'm annoyed coz nothing looks as good as the permanent one I used to have.. and I'm bored with that.. so, I'm gonna keep experimenting :-) You can drop in your comments, but well, I'm gonna continue doing what I feel like.. so in case I do-not implement your suggestions, do not be a cranky baby.. I've quit baby sitting, you see....

My previous post sucked, I hate it.

The person I missed most was Ki .. Trinaa, even :-(

and Aditi, babe, I LOVE you!

That's about it.

& Next two months are going to decide my life.
And this time, I am ready for them :-)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Giving up

You wish, you dream, you want,
Life to be a certain way
And then one disappointment
Simply washes all hope away..

You fight, think positive, you deny
Raise your head; Oh! You want to fly
Reach that goal, show the world
Your worth, ability to reach that dream
Seen with open eyes and not, on your bed curled

But why does it have to make you suffer?
Make it more difficult, all of the queer?
More struggle, sweat, tears as exam nears
More night outs, perseverance, biggest fears..
Just to reach that illusion you saw
As your dream
As your desire
As your bloody need!

Maybe coz God just wants it
to taste it a little more sweet
When you succeed, reach that aim
Not tarnish your daddy’s fame
Be that daughter who did not give up
Despite that massive career blow-up..

I guess it’s just a phase
And 2 years later I would laugh at my craze
To type all emotional turmoil on my blog
When I should just study and slog
But I feel better and you would agree
It helps, makes you feel better, free.

:-D :-D

Still in Pune. Life sucks. Food sucks. Schedule sucks worse.
And as you just read,
I am lovin it!


Monday, May 4, 2009



I phewed last evening when IIT got done and was under the impression that at least for the next 2 weeks I have nothing as such to worry about [barring my mock tests @ Pune ofcourse]. But little was I aware of the absolute pandemonium that awaited me this morning.

On a good note, I made two brand new friends and spend some quality time with one of them :-)

Well, I was out with one of my good [;-)] friends last night and was helluva tired when I got back home. Then leaving for Pune early Monday morning with so many people coming back to work after a long weekend, I knew it could be tough. So well, I got up at the usual 6, did my basic packing and had one BIG bag full of books to accompany me on my way back. Left home at 7 am after that usual “beta ek bread piece aur le-lo”, “Yeh dudh kon khatam karega” jazz.

On the bus-stop, stranded! Shivneri-which is the MSRCT Govt Volvo was all booked till 8:30! And Jay [with whom I had come to Mumbai], had crossed my stop at 6:30 a.m. So, in short, I HAD to take any bus that came along. Neeta, private bus is my father’s call, because he wanted me to leave before he got too late for office. 7:30 bus is mostly full but luckily I get through with a ladies seat next to this girl who is engrossed in her novel.

So, we leave; both of us wave bye to our parents and I get in the journey mode. Me on radio n half dear sleep; she back to her book; intermittently talking on the phone. But then both of us get too bored and start talking :-) One thing leads to another and we begin to open up about the reason for the travel, our courses, her job, backgrounds, rickshaw drivers, doctors, parents and random blabber shit.

Me: And so I am applying to almost all corner of the country for an MSc seat!

K Didi: :-)

Me: Which city do you belong to actually?

K Didi: Oh! That’s some question! I work at Pune and my parents live at Mumbai. But then I have done my schooling from 2-3 parts of the country and graduation from Gujrat.

Me: That’s nice. I’ve been in Mumbai since I was very little. And thus the problem with getting accustomed to a new place; Pune is fine… Where in Gujrat are you from?

K Didi: Baroda.

Me: I’m even applying to universities over there! Such desperation for a seat, but then MSU is my dream university :-)

K Didi: Haha! I’m a student of MSU. Comps Engineering but, no Biochemistry-Biotechnology for me :-)

Me: Oh! I know some-one who belongs to your course, might be a couplea years senior or junior to you but.. His name is Urv..

K Didi: who? Urv Bhatt?

Me: Yea.. I know him through blogger :-)

K Didi: Urv is one of my very good friends from college!!

Me: Huh?

K Didi: Haha! How small IS my world!

Loads of smiles and laughter, and bitching about our very own You-are-we. :-D

K Didi: He put up some of our weird pictures on his blog!

Me: Yeah yeah, I remember that post!

K Didi: I follow his blog sometimes..

Me: Yeah, that’s a fun blog..

And then blogger details, facebook details, phone numbers, exchanged.

In short, one helluva meet, she n me spent such a good time that made one boring journey absolute fun; so, good in mama’s hood :-D

My stop came 1st nI got off, with my massive book bag and back-pack.. But then as this was the private bus, it didn’t have the usual stops. I had to get off at Aundh which is FAR from the main city, but then anyway we have to take rickshaws through Pune because of lack of infrastructure in the form of good public transport. But today of all days when I was alone and out of the main city, there had to be an

My bag was big, and my bag was heavy. Like VERY HEAVY! I couldn’t even walk straight with its load. Plus the other bag was pretty difficult to manage with. I had absolutely no idea about the bus routes or numbers or stops! I had never traveled by them you see..

But then somehow, this C didi helped me with my stuff and we changed 2 buses to get through. Took me about an hour extra and I walked on the sunny hot roads literally pulling my self and the bags on the roads. Plus I called all my friends to postpone their journey and not travel alone if they can manage. A good company in a bad journey can make a hell lotta difference you see.

So, now I am in pune and have tests n study schedule lined up for the rest of the month. Shall keep you guys posted!
And y’all keep in touch.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Come back

He be my close pal
He n I, together through all
But one day he just walks out the hall
Between us there be an invisible wall
Does he not know?

That it hurts me bad
If a friend I always had
Suddenly becomes all lone and sad
Everything he does just makes me mad
Do I over-react?

If things were not working out
Something was messy, there was doubt
There were speculations all about
All you did was ‘want to shout’
Can I not help?

Prolly I am too young for advice refined
Too frail, too out of my mind
But what about the forces which bind
Us much deeper than the rind
Do you not trust?

It simply hurts us,
Breaches us, bleeds us,
As if we just missed the bus
The feeling of an absolute Blunderbuss
What can we do?

Is there nothing to do?
To work it out, to bid bad days adieu
Tell me what is wrong with you
Let me help you walk it through
What have I done?

If you don’t revert the frame
It shall never be the same.

P.S. Super-cool Most Awesome Dot Song re-vamped here :-)

P.P.S. Thanks Jay for a great journey back home. 3 hours, absolute fun! Don't you agree?

P.P.P.S. I shall write, but please pardon my absence from the networking communities and your blogs for a while.