Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have never been so long without being updated...
about whatever has been happening in everyone's life who means so much to me.

I have been juggling between Mumbai and Pune since more than a month and well, running all over both the cities. Have had my share of fun, but now, I'm just tired.
Tired of trying to figure what I have been doing for the past year,
Tired of giving exams and hoping to clear 'any one' of them,
Tired of having such frequent mood swings and giving un-necessary things so much importance.

Now, fullstop.

To ALL the crap.

I've decided, I'm just NOT going to be too hard on myself.

No, I'm not asking.. Its all done. So, I don't need your views about how I should live my life. [To that Mr. adviser]

Well, among other things.. I was left for almost half a week without a phone *sob*
It was sooo difficult to manage without one! Firstly, because it was the only thing that kept me connected to the rest of the world...and then, whenever I was out, my hand just kept going to the pocket and I had this constant feeling that I had forgotten something :-( No msgs, no calls, not even missed calls :-(
But then now, I have a back-up and shall have my new sony in a couplea days...so, life's GOOD :-)

I hate myself because
1. I've not read any of blogs since about a month!
2. I've not spoken to any of you guys since so long.. [Expect a call in a day or two people ;-)]
3. I have forgotten birthdays! so many :-(
I actually wished Ishaan FIFTEEN days later! Gosh! Any of you does that to me, I'm so going to issue the 'Hang to death' verdict! S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y! And Ishaan was so cute to message back, "Hehe, its ok.. happens" :-| And hence, you are allowed to forget my birthday this year; do you even know what THAT means Mr metal militant?

Oh, Arv, I was sulking so much the day you messaged! It almost made my day! Thanks :-)

Well, so now that I am back, at least temporarily, I shall definitely make it a point to read all your blogs. Especially Pixie's. :-)

Yea, I know my blog template has changed too often.. But I'm annoyed coz nothing looks as good as the permanent one I used to have.. and I'm bored with that.. so, I'm gonna keep experimenting :-) You can drop in your comments, but well, I'm gonna continue doing what I feel like.. so in case I do-not implement your suggestions, do not be a cranky baby.. I've quit baby sitting, you see....

My previous post sucked, I hate it.

The person I missed most was Ki .. Trinaa, even :-(

and Aditi, babe, I LOVE you!

That's about it.

& Next two months are going to decide my life.
And this time, I am ready for them :-)


deluded said...


you senti-woman.

youre going the right way, so....why worry, right?

expect. something.

Bhai with Chai said...

hang in there.. !

Jinxed Pixie said...

yes, you ought to read my blog...
you made me wonder if someone had kidnapped you, whilst you were shuttling between Mumbai and Pune, you Ms. Awesome...
and blog template thing is ok, really, because even I am never satisfied with 'em..

Arv said...

Hope you are doing good gal... take care, cheers...

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww. :)

Sweetheart! You were missed!!! Trust me!

Cяystal said...

Senti senti woman. Hang on there..you will be okaaaaaay..like I am :D

The Seeker said...

yeah shatabdi! my life is the same! went thru every thing u described right from missing b'day, to getting murderously annoyed with a fried for not calling me up! and th exams which will decide what next! at times, life just overwhelms us..

well, good to know there's a companion! even I didn call up people or read blogs for a long while,. thought i will do that today!!!
and my time fro shuttling between places hasnt started yet and am gonna start that from next week...

Good luck pal!! take care! keep your cool!!!!

Anurag said...

Haww You didn't miss me :((... and you missed my birthday too ..though I was not forgiving as Ishan was ..Was I :D

AG said...

im straight
(my bad) :(

and yaah girl hang in thr
just a little longer

Express said...

@ Deluded
Don't laugh; u'll regret..

but the the last words?
ah, lets just say, make me glad that I have you in my life :-)

@ Bhai With Chai
BHAI! Yeah man, precisely doin just that!
and, miss you! :*

Express said...

@ Pixie
haha! Kidnapped, no1 wud dare 2 do that gal, for obvious reasons :P
did you just call me Ms. awesome?
OMG! read deluded, read!

But I <3 ur new template!

@ Ki
one of these days, we ougt to meet man... soon, I can feel it approaching :-)

Express said...

@ Arv

@ Crystal
Ah! You were missed major too! Just that i dunno why, but somewhr I've gotten used to not having you around for a long stretch; and that, sucks :(

Express said...

@ The Seeker
Yes, like you said; we ve all got to deal with it :-) I'm mostly done with my hibernation; good luck wid urz! :-)

@ Anurag
Ah, well, I apologized b4 u cud do nething.
and btw, I can't mention everything I missed, can I?
read again, 'missed most'

Shrutilaya said...

We still love you! And I'm happy to read your blog again! :)

I missed you and your exciting rants :D

Jinxed Pixie said...

deluded is MR. awesome
you, are ms.awesome!

and love new template?

Express said...

@ Laya
Feels soo good 2 read that u knw.. :)

@ Pixie
Yea, but he wud see that if he stops censuring me all the time! x-(

and ofcourse the templates good.. Mine meanwhile is dull.. but i somehow seem 2 like it :D @least more than the other ones I tried out..

Trinaa said...

hmmmmmmm... m cumin re!

Express said...

@ Trinaa

call me!