Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Alone II

As days are going by, I'm getting more used to the concept of being [stuck] at home :P
The maid seems to be 'on-time',
the chores seem to be 'just fine'
and that was one sucky rhyme..

ahem. whatever.

What I was saying is, even the plants seem so much more nicer now! And sorry for the wrong information previously, they are not 70, but 56 :-) and watering the roots first and then sprinkling the leaves is just being nice to them, because well, in my mum's absence, they are MY responsibility :-) The roses bore buds and so I am super happy! actually even a new leaf is being noticed and that is making my day! :-)

I'm enjoying the cooking bit so much that I ended up inventing my very own recipe! Hold your breath ladies n gentlemen, it is called..
*drum rolls*
and I like it because it literally puts the mouth on fire :-P

Among other things, this living alone at home is turning out to be a major learning experience. And well, all the things learnt are about ME. Here's a some of it in a jiffy..

*!* I love Capsicum and Tomatoes so much that I add them in almost everything I make! :P

*!* I can manage perfectly well without television. Yes, TV or No TV, same difference.

*!* Laundry STILL is the besht stress-reliever :-)

*!* I will actually die if my phone is taken away. Plus majorly my STD calls are my life savers :-)

*!* Praying makes me feel good :-) And if you even sincerely think of god once in a while, the entire atmosphere becomes so positive; this is what they mean by 'aura cleansing' maybe :P

*!* I CAN take bath once in two days, BUT I take bath everyday just because I have to pray :D

*!* Google Earth is FUN!

*!* If I sleep well in the night, that is 5 hours, [before the bell rings @ 7]; I'm calm and happy, in other words, in good mood, for the whole day! And 'that' IS important.

*!* I NEED a lotta juices and liquids at any given time. A bottle of water accompanies me where-ever I go. And I had never noticed this! argh!

*!* I am a decent enough cook. But mumma still is the best! I might just get a little more appreciative of the effort my mum takes to make nice delicious food despite all the work on her head. Thank you ma, for being so awesomely consistent!

Well, I made custard for breakfast and it turned out very well. Thanks to Ki's early morning msg :-) For the lunch, I wanted something Indian and mum suggested Khichdi [over the phone] and I instantaneously concurred. I made it well even, just that it is made, errmm, enough for 5 people :-| and I am too bored to eat it for 5 meals straight.. so do YOU guys mind joining me for breakfast or lunch tomorrow? :P

I went for home utility shopping today, here's the list :-D
1. Mangoes
2. Eggs
3. Milk
4. Curd
5. Shampoo
6. Ready-to-eat Dal Makhni
7. Lemon
8. Eye-drops
9. Orbit
:) :) :)

and yeah, considering the stupendous response to the gyan sharing bit [:P], that shall be part of the post as and when possible :-P People have P.S. I shall have G.S. :D
So until later, Take care guys! and give your mum a Tight Hug from my side! :-)

Gyan Share: Don't try very hard to open unknown phone handsets. It might just be one click and that dear nail might have to be sacrificed for nothing.. *mourn*


deluded said...

water the plants.

Express said...

@ deluded
because it gives me ample opportunity to play with water in this scorching heat..

Express said...

and you ought to study and not read blogs one night before exam!

Anonymous said...

Which phone did u try opening ?

Jinxed Pixie said...

that was not a 'sucky' rhyme..it was cool-cool, whatever that means... :P

mommy dear must be very proud of you, no?

fiery bhindi? where is the recipe?
where where is it?

and that list of things that you realized...there is so much of truth in it...really reallyy... :)

ready to eat dal-makhni?
:( :X

And, even though i hate saying lol, lol@G.S...


Anindita said...


but you seem to be having loads of fun.. when do the exams get over? we NEED to meet up!!!! :x :X :x

Express said...

@ Samby
pleasant surprise! :-)
Nokia 5200. Good phone, but there mic issues, u knw nah.. i had to use loudspeaker :-|

Now sony! w580i. sexy. ;)

Aapke jaise N series n iPhones humein koi nahi deta :-(

@ Pixie
Recipie? ok, next post!
But well, all descriptions thr :P

truth? is it applicable to YOU TOO? haha! good. there are some additions, I will add on n edit :-) later in the day

what do you recommend? G.S. for gyan sharing or KSBSBS for Kahat shatabdi baba suno bhai sodho :D
I can also call it IHMJHT for I hate Miley Jab Hum Tum; just for the fun of it :D
But then the readers will have a tough time, hmm :P ;)

Express said...

@ Dita
yes, fun it is :-)
exams go on for another eon.. but Trinaa's coming to mumbai! yu-hu! so, i ll cook up something ;-)

and I miss you so much that it hurts *sob*

hw were ur exams? thing of the past no? studying n cramming.. lucky u!

Anonymous said...

Aha! Someone's enjoying herself! I like it :D

Anurag said...

I think you should stick to watering the plants :P

And G.S ??

Ketan said...

LOL. Nice post!

56 plants--I'd never water that many. Turn 'herb'ivorous.

GS: Water is for plants, not for you! Scorching heat or otherwise ;)

Take care.

Swayam said...

watering plants is what i love... play with the neighbourhood mongrels.. sometimes give them some left over food at home... thta should be a good way to spend time... and experiment with cooking.. ofcourse nothing beats the ready made dal makhni... but apna toh apna hai... cell phones are the biggest life savers... they so are... but aint std call rates expensive on voda... u are on voda right??

Misanthropist said...

Shatabdi Express, you are FAST ;)thanks for blogrolling me!I'm more of a stalker I shall keep following you :D
My private blog: therapeutic vent-let(whatever that means! :P)
How did you figure out the bio connection?The other blog's title?
Btw I'll now be in final year Bsc Biotech, Bhavan's, Andheri.
Now about this post:
I love cooking though not well versed with it. Would love to try FIERY BHINDI!
I hate plants.They are high on maintenance :D
I shall hug mom :)

Arv said...

Fiery Bhindi sounds delicious :)

ready to eat food is crap...

do take care of yourself da...


Express said...

@ Ki
Someone sure is :P

And she is also growing fat sitting @ home :(

Ah whatever!

@ Anurag
Duh! All day?

And read the penultimate paragraph.. U ought to get it..

Express said...

@ Ketan
:) Thanks yea..
And lol @ the herbivorous.. but then, no chicken=no life :D
And I’m pretty sure people agree…

Keep dropping by,

@ Swayam
Yes, but bonus card. 55 bucks pe 75 mins does it for me.. just that I have to get it 4 times a month… :D
And yea, I have this new found love for the gardening work.. time alone just passes by doing my thing.. its turning out fine, thanks :-)

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
You mentioned it in the comments section dumbass.. :D
You know Rashmi? Rashmi Rao? Your senior, my good friend? Scholar she is, high level :-)

Recipe next post :-) and shh! My plants don’t like what you just said! :-P

No thanks shweety.. and The fact that u r 4m my city is only making me like you more ;)

@ Arv
Haha! Sure! It’s by ME! :P

RTE IS bad.. but then what to do.. less time + less knowledge + less money + no company :(

I will! And u too! With all the work u keep doing, I’m glad u aint quitting already :D

Misanthropist said...

Hahaha..actually I get comments as mails first so I didn't pay attention to which post you had commented :P Later on, realized and commented back there..hehe
And yes I know Rashmi.She got through TIFR I guess. Absolute scholar she is.

Aditi Gupta said...

some body had to study (hard)
yeh sab kya hai ???

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
No. But that doesn't make her any less brilliant.
I even mentioned her in a post up here..

P.S. Pardon my inability of linking stuff in the comments section :P

@ Jiggs
Nirmal anand beta :D
Tu cj jaake aayi?
paise baato ladki, party deke :P

Misanthropist said...

Hey I read that post.Funny..lol! Were you talking about a training that you guys took up in pune?
And is your residence in mumbai or are you guys staying in a hostel?

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
nahi re, all mumbaikars were in pune 4 some training together.. hmm..

let be, yet, fun :-)

this post needs editions n additions.. soon :-)