Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home Alone

Ah yes, You read right.

No-one at my place, barring the plants for company.. Why I specifically mention them? Because watering my mother's 70 odd pots each day, is a pain in the wrong place :-| It's times like these for which I keep asking my parents for a Pet Dog, or a Gold fish even.

But then, ah, yes.. I'm not complaining!

I've lived by myself in pune, but that's NOTHING when compared to staying at your place without constant parental scrutiny. I can cook my own food, do my own thing, talk on phone for hours together; in short, be my own self! There is a long list of things that I can't do, but I'm not getting into all that.

There was this long list of 'instructions' that my mum had to deliver [and continues delivering over the phone] that initially were funny, then the same lines started sounding out of concern, but now they are plain annoying.

*!* Put the milk in the refrigerator. [Who drinks milk when you are away?]

*!* Water the plants. [Yes mumma]

*!* Don't open the door to strangers. [I'm almost 20!]

*!* Water the plants. [Oh yes]

*!* Don't keep the kitchen messy. [Like you'd know, ha!]

*!* Water the plants. [:-|]

*!* You can identify chloroform, right? [Till I identify, I'll be in Switzerland, At least in the dream! ]

*!* Water the plants. [Heard of drip irrigation?]

*!* Puja karna, roz, subah sham. [?]

*!* Water the plants. [Why couldn't you just keep 10, favorite ones?]

*!* If you don't keep your bed crisp clean, bad omens will enter the house. [I never did that even when you were here. Additional work is cheating!]

*!* Water the plants. [Could I just throw them down the terrace? But then I'll have to throw 7-8 a day, they are SO MANY!]

*!* Computer lock karke jau kya? [how the hell do you do that?!? Plus, Oh hello! I'd DIE!]

*!* Water the plants. [Has some-one told you that you own a mini-jungle?]

*!* The house-maid comes at 7 a.m. every morning.

I don't mind 8, but 7, SEVEN?

And they call up @ 7 every morning [even sunday] to see how awake I am :-|

Parents... argh!
They always ruin ALL the fun! x-(

P.S. Its getting boring now. Drop me some tips no.

P.P.S. A lil bitta gyan sharing. Never ask a guy "What's up?" Unless you want weird answers :P


Express said...

IPL finals tonight!
Can't wait to see the Chargers lift the trophy!


deluded said...

water th plants.

Arv said...

lol... go and sleep now :)

Misanthropist said...

I'm supporting RCB..
actually not so much for the team.. I'm a Mallya fan ;)
The PPS..LMAO.. guys neva ask me that question cuz i always say I've nothing that goes up :P

Jinxed Pixie said...

like deluded said,
water the plants...
they provide us with oxygen. Oxygen is good for your skin. You see,
you are only doing yourself a favour.

and home alone?

isn't that supposed to be good?

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I just heard the what's up thing somewhere myself! "Never ask a guy what's up unless you want him to say 8 inches just for you baby!" :P

And NO plans?! 10 days?!!!!

Express said...

@ Deluded
Haha! I read 'water the pants' the 1st time i read!
I wonder what THAT means! hehaha!

Ahem, did you just call me 'perv'?
Well, YES, so?

@ Arv
No way! IPL finals! and wu-hu!The Chargers WON! And what a magnificent match! :-)

I wanna ask, wht time do YOU get up?

Amal Bose said...

watch a movie or something... oh..while watering plants ;-)
good day :-)

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
Aha! I'm loving this! I like you girl, lot!

Mallya, yes. Dr. Mallya, hmm :-) I like that man.. More for his guts.

I'd support RCB for it was more of an 'Indian' team. + Kumble! But then when Gilly's out there, there is little you take notice of, right?

If you promise me to be regular on blogger, I'd just add you that petty blogroll of mine missy :-)

@ Pixie
it IS good. But I hadn't planned much, so I'm now clueless abt 'what to do?'
mind dropping some tips on?

and oh, I don't mind them, the plants.. but thanks to the lack of piping due to the building painting work, I HATE to the carry the bucket along and 1st water the roots and then sprinkle on the leaves procedure. I'd love to maintain 10. 70 is horribly too much!

Express said...

@ Ki
Precisely! One of the weird answers I was talking about :D

But but, asking 'what's been up?' is worse no? :P

and well, friends coming over 4 a day and the rest, yes, no plans.. sigh..
so, YOU tell me :-)

@ AB
Heyi, welcome to the blog :-)
But no movies, not a movie junkie :-) And I can do that ONE day, what abt the rest?

I think I'd study.. that CAN b done everyday. [nerdy look]


Cяystal said...

Atleast you get to be Home Alone with Instructions. My mom is carefree.
Okay. I don't blame her, I dunno howmanygaurdssurroundmyhouse. :D

Cяystal said...

Water the plants!

Anurag said...

Can I come to Help You out ;) :D

I'll be jobless anyways after friday :((

Express said...

@ Crystal
Haha! that way I'm MUCH lucky!
and look @ me, I am 20! AND I c an cook.. gimme a reason 2 NOT leave me alone @ home?!?

and I will :D

little choice,

any idea whr d hell 'trinaa' is?

I can't get through her number! and she doesn't come online, which btw, is shocking!

Express said...

@ Anurag
My parents come home on saturday. You can come to help my mum wid jhadoo pocha then..

P.S. I just WANT the 7 a.m. bai 2 lose her job! Fill in no..

Mystique said...

Um, yeah, i wouldn't recommend the What's up.
i really wouldn't.

PS: water the plants.

Misanthropist said...

Okay I understand that you have a major crush on me! but that's just a few days old and you are already asking for commitment??!!! :P

On a serious note,I love your blog too.
I just love randomness.
And you are already on my Blogs I follow list.I'm pretty much regular on blogger :)

BIG Omi said...

Computer lock karke jau kya??? hhehehhe......

my mom's fav instruction is- Come home early, come home early... promise me u'll be at home before 8.... ???? :P :P

Express said...

@ Mystique
Hey! welcome back!

and haha! GOOD! see, my experiences help the world progress :P

take care gal. :-)

@ Misanthropist
You see? what exactly I like abt u :D

and oh, arent we all big fans of randomness?! You are up thr gal.. I'm not in the following business. :-)

Express said...

@ Big Omi
hey, long time! :-)

well, that wud b an instruction, if i ws going out at all no? and coming home early is a good habit.. and drinking the night away is bad :-|