Monday, May 4, 2009



I phewed last evening when IIT got done and was under the impression that at least for the next 2 weeks I have nothing as such to worry about [barring my mock tests @ Pune ofcourse]. But little was I aware of the absolute pandemonium that awaited me this morning.

On a good note, I made two brand new friends and spend some quality time with one of them :-)

Well, I was out with one of my good [;-)] friends last night and was helluva tired when I got back home. Then leaving for Pune early Monday morning with so many people coming back to work after a long weekend, I knew it could be tough. So well, I got up at the usual 6, did my basic packing and had one BIG bag full of books to accompany me on my way back. Left home at 7 am after that usual “beta ek bread piece aur le-lo”, “Yeh dudh kon khatam karega” jazz.

On the bus-stop, stranded! Shivneri-which is the MSRCT Govt Volvo was all booked till 8:30! And Jay [with whom I had come to Mumbai], had crossed my stop at 6:30 a.m. So, in short, I HAD to take any bus that came along. Neeta, private bus is my father’s call, because he wanted me to leave before he got too late for office. 7:30 bus is mostly full but luckily I get through with a ladies seat next to this girl who is engrossed in her novel.

So, we leave; both of us wave bye to our parents and I get in the journey mode. Me on radio n half dear sleep; she back to her book; intermittently talking on the phone. But then both of us get too bored and start talking :-) One thing leads to another and we begin to open up about the reason for the travel, our courses, her job, backgrounds, rickshaw drivers, doctors, parents and random blabber shit.

Me: And so I am applying to almost all corner of the country for an MSc seat!

K Didi: :-)

Me: Which city do you belong to actually?

K Didi: Oh! That’s some question! I work at Pune and my parents live at Mumbai. But then I have done my schooling from 2-3 parts of the country and graduation from Gujrat.

Me: That’s nice. I’ve been in Mumbai since I was very little. And thus the problem with getting accustomed to a new place; Pune is fine… Where in Gujrat are you from?

K Didi: Baroda.

Me: I’m even applying to universities over there! Such desperation for a seat, but then MSU is my dream university :-)

K Didi: Haha! I’m a student of MSU. Comps Engineering but, no Biochemistry-Biotechnology for me :-)

Me: Oh! I know some-one who belongs to your course, might be a couplea years senior or junior to you but.. His name is Urv..

K Didi: who? Urv Bhatt?

Me: Yea.. I know him through blogger :-)

K Didi: Urv is one of my very good friends from college!!

Me: Huh?

K Didi: Haha! How small IS my world!

Loads of smiles and laughter, and bitching about our very own You-are-we. :-D

K Didi: He put up some of our weird pictures on his blog!

Me: Yeah yeah, I remember that post!

K Didi: I follow his blog sometimes..

Me: Yeah, that’s a fun blog..

And then blogger details, facebook details, phone numbers, exchanged.

In short, one helluva meet, she n me spent such a good time that made one boring journey absolute fun; so, good in mama’s hood :-D

My stop came 1st nI got off, with my massive book bag and back-pack.. But then as this was the private bus, it didn’t have the usual stops. I had to get off at Aundh which is FAR from the main city, but then anyway we have to take rickshaws through Pune because of lack of infrastructure in the form of good public transport. But today of all days when I was alone and out of the main city, there had to be an

My bag was big, and my bag was heavy. Like VERY HEAVY! I couldn’t even walk straight with its load. Plus the other bag was pretty difficult to manage with. I had absolutely no idea about the bus routes or numbers or stops! I had never traveled by them you see..

But then somehow, this C didi helped me with my stuff and we changed 2 buses to get through. Took me about an hour extra and I walked on the sunny hot roads literally pulling my self and the bags on the roads. Plus I called all my friends to postpone their journey and not travel alone if they can manage. A good company in a bad journey can make a hell lotta difference you see.

So, now I am in pune and have tests n study schedule lined up for the rest of the month. Shall keep you guys posted!
And y’all keep in touch.



Anonymous said...

It's a small, SMALL world :D

Jinxed Pixie said...

pulling self and bags in the sun?

now why does that sound like me?

Arv said...

wow... nice meet... :)

all the best with ur prep work :)

take care... cheers...

Urv said...


I was wondering whether it could actually be her when you mentioned K didi and MSU Comp Sci :D

What exactly did you two bitch about poor me :P

And yeah, is this what she exactly said "very good friends" If she did, she is gonna have a tough time!!!

Urv said...

It really IS a small world :)

deluded said...

looks down....

its a small.......


Anurag said...

Choti see duniya :P
And U r mad :P

Urv said...

By the way, this post here was for her :)

Shrutilaya said...

All the best..


Express said...

@ Ki
u bet! I could just meet u on the roads, watch-out! :*

@ Pixie
Haha! I made sooo many mistakes while typing! cyber cafe, roasting heat.. wht do u expect!

And well, yeah, the bag, *shudder*

Express said...

@ Arv
Thank-you! Atleast someone noticed that I was dying with all the burden.. *sob*

@ Urv
HAHA!! Tu toh abhi ther jaa! teri itni lene wali hu nah main! I know all ur deepest darkest secrets now! :D

She initially said good friends, but baadmein the way she described ur n his relation, i cud make out k u r very good friends :-) best? i din dare 2 make my own additions :P

and and i thought it ws the 'ek jam dosti k naam' post.. usmein shes thr?

anyway, u dude, u toh now watchout 4 this space :D

Express said...

@ Deluded
NO! It looks small to you because you at such height due to the gas leaking out of ur oxygen cylinder!

Its a BIG world..
orelse manipal n pune wud b manageable no...

@ Anurag
Bachpan se :P

Urv said...

Waaaaaaah :( I am scared now ;)

Haan she's there in that post as well :D

And the people that have been described in that post of mine have been a lot more than just friends :)

Stupidosaur said... do you pay Neeta 250 or haggle for 150 like I did and succeeded?

Aundh, Neeta, Urv, small world

Express said...

@ Urv
I see why.

@ Stupidsour
haha! I pay 200.. 4m vashi its midway no.. so cheap.

plus, dude, I have class :P

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