Sunday, April 27, 2008

Panic not

One of these days in pune, an incident happened that was weird sure, but something I would like to make a part of my blogey! So here I am narrating the experience, 1st hand :-P

I live in a massive house with many girls in many rooms. We are a group of seven girls of the same course and 3 of us, that is, Pooja, me, Rashmi share a room. Of which Pooja is my childhood friend and from my collg now, so we anyway share a nice rapport. Of Rashmi, well she talks less, is from Bhavan's [other collg] and well, not so known to me. But never-the-less, we gel well..
Pooja is the fun-loving ones. Has to give "vishesh tippani" on everything! Rashmi on the other hand is the mellow one. I donno which cateogary I fall under, so I shall refrain commenting on that :-P

The incident begins like..
Pooja had taken my phone to lissen to radio. Well, I was going to sleep in the afternoon for about an hour, so I didnt have a problem. Gave it to her and dozzed off. When I got up, I noticed that both Rashmi and Pooja were already studying. So, I thought prolly I forgot to put-up the alarm, asked for the phone back from pooja. She was in no mood for fun, she just turned back and DASH! my phone falls off from her bed onto the floor. No major physical damage, pooja shocked, scared to even touch the device.

Pooja: OH my god! now what?
Me: Lets see..
I pick up the device. It is switched off from the impact. I reset the battery and try switching it on. Meanwhile, both Rashmi and Pooja try figuring out possibilities of damage.
Me: sim card not dectecting.
Pooja: Darn! I have to buy you a new phone!
Me: Chill, It could've happened by anyone.
Rashmi: Now what?
Me: I dont know.
Meanwhile I try unsuccessfully to fix up the device. No luck!
Pooja: I have to buy you a new sim card??
Rashmi: for how much will you get a new sim card for?
Me: Chill people, just keep the thing aside for a couplea hours, lets see what happens..
Pooja: Now, what will you do?
Me: Call my parents from your phone and ask them to call there. For others, anyway I am going home in 3-4 days. Then I will try get the device fixed. Or best, buy a new phone..
Motionless silence.......
Me: Is it a prank?
Pooja: What?
Me: You guys removing sim card and doing stuff to get me worked up??
Pooja: Why will we do that?
Me: No, just occured to me..
Pooja: Man, I feel so guilty! Is there nothing we can do??
Me: Gimme your phone. Lets try putting my sim in urz and urz in mine and detect the problem is in the phone or sim..
Pooja: with a frown I dunno. I have never opened my cell. It doesnt open.
I look at total amazement. I open the device up atleast thrice a day :-P
Me: Lets try
Doesnt work
Me: Rashmi, how about trying the thing on your phone?
Rashmi: Please take care ok? You know how to do it?
Me: yeah...
She gives her phone and the sim cards are exchanged. Problem detected, sim card. Hers being detected in my phone. Then when I plan to exchange the sims back for her phone to be activated, pooja takes tensed walks around the room. When I am about to close her phone, Rashmi [cleanliness freak] notices her batter is very dirty :-
Rashmi: Is it OK if I wipe it up?
Me: Sure, your phone, do whatever you like.
Rashmi in full form, wipes the battery well with dry cloth while pooja passes nervous glances. I exchange the sim cards and Tan-tana!

My sim card starts working in my phone n hers stops in her phone. All of us are confused about the situation and both me and pooja take sighs of relief while Rashmi is all panicked!
Rashmi: I should'nt have cleaned it so well!!
Me: That is not the problem...wonder what the jhol is....
Pooja pickes up her own phone and there! even her sim card is deactivated! Ha ha!! We kept looking at our faces, I burst out laughing and pooja didn't know what to do.
Me: God knows who the real culprits are :-P
Pooja: But....

Finally after 2 minutes of pondering, we come to a conclusion that the vodafone tower must have had some technical problems and as we drew to this conclusion, all our phones come back to life!

Well, the look on pooja's and later Rashmi's face was the best part of it all! the incident lasted about an hour, but we laughed for another hour on it. If anyone doesn't find it amusing, I would understand! Just that this incident was first of its kind with me. For record, Vodafone in pune sucks!

Is hostle life always so amazing??
As many of us have had experiences, I need some more stories... he he...

Love my room-mates! This one dedicated to them.
To Pooja and Rashmi.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Math error!

"To err is human, to debug is divine."

Not jhadofying gyan, not even trying to show that pune has drilled some sense into me. Just letting you guys know that I used to consider myself of being a math error :-|

I have never liked numbers. And my problem with maths was the only rock-solid thing that stood between me and B tech in biotechnology or biomedical engineering. Even taking up MBA post bachelor's in science was ruled out as an option coz of my math-phobia. To run away from maths on a permanent basis, I actually considered taking up arts or even better, hotel management post HSC. Well, my scientific aptitude and dying curiosity to explore more into science prevented that from happening and I landed in biochemistry. The subject that offers me the perfect combination of my passion for chemistry and skill in biology.

Where am I going with the post?
Towards my renewed liking for mathematics.

I hate maths, I do. Why? coz I can't handle it. I understand derivations, I know how to apply formulae. I guess the problem lies in, which formula to be used where and the tricks to solve the sums. Well, maths is an inseparable part of MSc entrances. So, even when I thought I had escaped them by entering biochem, little did I know they would haunt me till masters. Well, so back to basics. Honestly, I was scared of the fact that I would have to cram all formulae all over again. And then I met madhura ma'am!
Man, she does magic with math! From the very first day, I started admiring her. No cracking unnecessary jokes, no banging the duster, no screaming/ complaining, no favoritism, none at all......
She enters the class with a helmet! and fills us with the unexplainable enthusiasm to solve sums. Her smile is so refreshing and her genuine words loosen all knots in the stomach. She explains all concepts in the most simple words and the ability of solving sums by ourselves leaves behind bliss. Her love for mathematics is evident, I have no words of appreciation, simply Fantastic teaching!

Ma'am, you are absolutely amazing, just keep up the good job and enable math-phobic people like me get into MSc institutes :-P

Having amazing teachers really helps, isn't it?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chaat, Chips and Chai..

I can live on these!

Chaat is life for me. Pani-puri, dahi-puri, bhel-puri, sev-puri, dahi-batata puri, samosa bhel, alu-tikki, chole samosa, ragda-pattice etc. etc. etc. I suddenly feel so bad for all people who've never had any one of the dishes mentioned above, ha ha. I know I am wicked :-P

Chips, universal favorite, need I say anything?

Chai, stands for tea. And especially vishnu ki chai man! One of the things I miss most in vacations! And after having chai at vishu's tapri, my expectation for tapri-chai has really raised levels high, they seldom are fulfilled though...

Amusingly, many of the things I love to consume seem to start with the letter 'c' he he. Here is roughly the list ;-)
*~*Chillies, even if they are very spicy, i would prefer to weep later, but i need them.
*~*Chips, any type!
*~*Chaat, anything!!
*~*Chinese, well many things of the cuisine.
*~*Chutney, again, any type.
*~*Cham-cham, bengali sweet
*~*anything with Cream, include ice-cream.
*~*anything with Cheese
*~*Citrus fruits.

Thinking of it, I would have my own little list for every alphabet, ha ha :-P

Well, the whole point, if you haven't already noticed, the list does NOT contain the thing starting from "c", many people would kill for, yea, chocolates. And its not that I have never liked them, just that I was never crazy about them. As I have mentioned before, melody and white chocolate are the forms of chocolate I like most; and cadbury's dairy milk is what I like least.
Some of my friends suggest that I have suddenly gotten anorexic, and so am avoiding chocolates. Well, they might be correct, no offense, but I think this is bull-shit. If I were suffering from anorexia, why phobia to only 1 form of food?

Food remains to be one of the prime reasons for my existence. I don't hog, like I have seen many people do, :0 I just like to eat variety of stuff. This is all that I am missing in pune. Sabzi-roti-rice every meal is so boring, that too vegetarian! well, have no choice!

What are the kinds of foodstuff most commonly favorite?
Is experimenting with food, every-ones hobby?

I need answers.......

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pune calling..

And I am answering the call.

I never thought I would feel weird doing all this. 4 rounds of shopping done to ensure nothing is left back, bags packed, lockers empty, shelves clean, check lists made, planned and re-planned everything, room orderly, no sign of life, heart - filled with vacuum.

Well, amusingly, most my bags are filled with a splash of just one color, blue! I don't know why, but somehow it just occurred to me that half the things I own are blue in color! When people ask me of my favorite color, I say brown or maroon, or black, or even better white :-P Also another nice answer is "depends". he he. But I don't know why I involuntarily choose blue! Its a nice color, no doubt, but, well...

Right now I am blue.
Cried eyes out on brother's call about being a big girl and taking care of myself in pune [He lives in US.] And I am not the ones who cry easy. The empty room makes me feel so low, writing this post is another horrible experience, last calls from best friends, last msgs to mates, all final formalities done. But where should I parcel this empty feeling? Like I am losing something very dear to me. Like I am running away from my responsibilities, Like I am being selfish and chasing my dreams on cost of my duties. Duties of being the sole kid of my parents in the continent, of being a true friend, of being the listener to people who have been just a call away whenever I needed them, of being a shoulder to cry on when mum misses her favorite kid.

Why am I so ambitious? Why can't I just stay put at home like all my friends and relish holidays? Why can't I just help myself make a future than choosing to go 2 another city to find people who can help me out? Why am I doing this to myself and my dear ones? Why is it so important to be the best in the run?

Well, priorities are set, the choices are made, and I made them. My parents supported me no end in all this and I just can't thank them enough for believing in me and my dreams. My brother is my support system and somewhere I want to live upto his expectations out of me, thus the chase, thus the burning desire to be the best! I don't know how correct this move is, how crucial it will be in shaping my future, how much I will be able 2 achieve out of it, how much worth it is of all the sacrifice..

All I know is, its now or never.
And I don't want to be the person regretting all her life about the choices she made.
Its not easy, well nothing is.
And I am going to give it my best shot.

So, adios my dear blogger-mates. I apologize from all my heart for not being around and contributing in your posts, for not being able to regularly provide matter from my neurons to my dear disoriented neurons. Hope you all gain harmony and lady luck showers her blessings on you in my absence. I shall make up for it when I am back :-)

P.S. Special mention, alisha. Your tag is pending, I am indebted :-P
Shall do it 1st thing when I get back :-)
Take care and take RPAS to the epitome of glory.

Friday, April 4, 2008


was tagged by jiggs

Write 5 things you would do or like to do if you had a chance to change into the opposite sex.

Here I go,

1. Try peeing standing up along-side the road! I don't know how they manage to do something that gross!!

2. No spikes for me, I ll go bald.

3. Wear real short half-chaddis n go roaming all over the city, itching at wrong places :-P

4. Go bag-packing around the world, come back home late, blah blah, everything jiggs and alisha have mentioned.

5. If I were a guy, I would be a fat-terrible-looking-monster! he he. I would wink at random girls [and boys], eve-tease, absolutely check their buts out, laugh at fat women, not bathe, hog like there is never going to a tomorrow.....

But honestly, I love being a female. Femininity is beautiful and subtle and gentle and warm and delicate and sweet and gives me all the freedom to be myself. If I were not a female, I would not be "shatabdi". And you know what? I love being shatabdi.......

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not just another 18 year old..

I don't believe that a person's behavior depends on his/her age.
I don't believe that "18" is the age when a person becomes mature.
I don't believe that when you know of someone's age to be as "18", you make speculations about their personality without even knowing teeny-tiny bit about the person.

Wise people have this absolutely familiar doctrine that says, "age brings wisdom." Do we agree with this?
On the contrary, the older I am growing, the more I am falling as an exception to this unsaid rule.

Well, age makes us more prepared to face the problems/situations. Why? coz we have comparatively lived more life and have more experience and blah blah..
But that does not mean, if the number of years survived is large, but quality life lived is tiny, you would be more wise at the end...
What is wisdom by the way??
*~*knowledge? we get that from books
*~*common sense? isn't it uncommon?
*~*opinion? But everyone have their own. So, how can a particular aged people be tagged of being wise?
*~*intelligence? No, there is no-way of measuring this virtue and I am dead sure it doesn't depend on age.
*~*how you react to a particular stimulus. No, that depends on your insticts and they don't depend on your age.
*~*understanding? Please, that does not depend on age. It more about how your brain works :-P
*~*perception? Maybe, kinda convincing, but that depends on portrayal too. Don't you think?

So the speculation is a failure, maybe I didn't get the correct meaning of the term "wisdom". Prolly thinking in the opposite sense might help.
wisdom x foolishness.
Depends on age? ha ha

Back to talking about me.
I had a pre-admission in kinder-garden and have grown up with people numerically older than me. But, have always been the good kid, counselor, giving advices etc. etc. to my peers.
Half my batch-mates [example jiggs] are already 20 [numerically], and most of the other half [example alisha] are on the verge of becoming 20 [numerically again!].
I am 18 [numerically], but at times am 8 [literally], but there are times when I behave like I am 28, maybe even 38 :-| But unlike most 18 year olds [freshly out of 12th grade], I guess I am lot more observant, verbal, analyzing, deducing, understanding, bothering, calm...and much less obsessive, angry, easy-going, thoughtless...
Does that make me any more wiser than them?
Do I actually care?

I hate it when people jump to conclusions about me depending on the number"18".
when people take me for granted coz I am just a kid [numerically].
when I place a worthy argument in front of people and they reject it, coz its not "from a wise enough person."
when people who know the kid in me, refuse to accept me as a contributing individual in serious emotional/financial/intellectual discussions.
I hate it when people care about the age....

Would like to mention Billie Burke's very relevant quote which says, "Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese." :-P

According to me, what age reflects is, the number of years [amount of time] you have survived, ate, drunk, walked on planet earth. full-stop.
What age does not reflect is, personality, goodness, truthfulness, being genuine, bigheartedness..
And what age certainly does not reflect is, how we would react to a certain situation.

Would like to end with a thought,
Live your life, don't care about the age. And when you meet someone, care about the person, not their age [even if they are potential partners, ha ha, coz age no bar ;-)].