Friday, April 4, 2008


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Write 5 things you would do or like to do if you had a chance to change into the opposite sex.

Here I go,

1. Try peeing standing up along-side the road! I don't know how they manage to do something that gross!!

2. No spikes for me, I ll go bald.

3. Wear real short half-chaddis n go roaming all over the city, itching at wrong places :-P

4. Go bag-packing around the world, come back home late, blah blah, everything jiggs and alisha have mentioned.

5. If I were a guy, I would be a fat-terrible-looking-monster! he he. I would wink at random girls [and boys], eve-tease, absolutely check their buts out, laugh at fat women, not bathe, hog like there is never going to a tomorrow.....

But honestly, I love being a female. Femininity is beautiful and subtle and gentle and warm and delicate and sweet and gives me all the freedom to be myself. If I were not a female, I would not be "shatabdi". And you know what? I love being shatabdi.......


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


omg !!!
u wana do crazy things lolzz
*winks winks*
me n winnie r gettin bald on 10th lolzz

nicely answered
n yes comin late waoo wana do that soo badly n also backpackin alone thats a dream

n luck with pune

Alisha said...

well...i was gonna ad the peeing standing thing too..dunno how i forgot!!
i remembered yesterdayy n was too lazy to edit it n all..heheheh

Alok said...

Cute post!
:) :)

Express said...

@ jiggs
WHY WINNIE??? result ko mourn karne k liye bald?? lol

I wanna do crazy things, boys do have all the fun, ggrrrr...
Thnaks for the comment, n yea, I need all the luck...

@ alisha
Ha ha, I always wondered how they manage that!!!!! also, if they sit n try, will they succeed!! LOL!!

Express said...

@ alok

P.S. He he, thanks...

Anonymous said...

lolz... well guys can do much better things than that...but k...u have ur sights set on most "exicitng" things i guess....lolz... nice read man... gr8!!!


pj said...

awesome.....really funny....just cant stop smiling!....:):)

Express said...

@ samby
So you agree these are the most "exciting" and "fascinating" things :-P

You say there are better things 2 do, like? like??

I just want to make it clear that I won't compromise my femininity if I was not given a chnace to do all the wackiest things possible :-P And thanks for the compliments!

@ pj
Welcome to my page

I am glad you liked it.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.

noelia ~ said...

LOL i'd love to try and pee just anywhere too, guys have it so easy!!

crasiezt said...

LOL real good one shatabdi!
I have to do the tag too, and I was gonna write the peeing thing..grrrr...u stole it from my head!
Fat terrible looking monster..why???