Sunday, April 27, 2008

Panic not

One of these days in pune, an incident happened that was weird sure, but something I would like to make a part of my blogey! So here I am narrating the experience, 1st hand :-P

I live in a massive house with many girls in many rooms. We are a group of seven girls of the same course and 3 of us, that is, Pooja, me, Rashmi share a room. Of which Pooja is my childhood friend and from my collg now, so we anyway share a nice rapport. Of Rashmi, well she talks less, is from Bhavan's [other collg] and well, not so known to me. But never-the-less, we gel well..
Pooja is the fun-loving ones. Has to give "vishesh tippani" on everything! Rashmi on the other hand is the mellow one. I donno which cateogary I fall under, so I shall refrain commenting on that :-P

The incident begins like..
Pooja had taken my phone to lissen to radio. Well, I was going to sleep in the afternoon for about an hour, so I didnt have a problem. Gave it to her and dozzed off. When I got up, I noticed that both Rashmi and Pooja were already studying. So, I thought prolly I forgot to put-up the alarm, asked for the phone back from pooja. She was in no mood for fun, she just turned back and DASH! my phone falls off from her bed onto the floor. No major physical damage, pooja shocked, scared to even touch the device.

Pooja: OH my god! now what?
Me: Lets see..
I pick up the device. It is switched off from the impact. I reset the battery and try switching it on. Meanwhile, both Rashmi and Pooja try figuring out possibilities of damage.
Me: sim card not dectecting.
Pooja: Darn! I have to buy you a new phone!
Me: Chill, It could've happened by anyone.
Rashmi: Now what?
Me: I dont know.
Meanwhile I try unsuccessfully to fix up the device. No luck!
Pooja: I have to buy you a new sim card??
Rashmi: for how much will you get a new sim card for?
Me: Chill people, just keep the thing aside for a couplea hours, lets see what happens..
Pooja: Now, what will you do?
Me: Call my parents from your phone and ask them to call there. For others, anyway I am going home in 3-4 days. Then I will try get the device fixed. Or best, buy a new phone..
Motionless silence.......
Me: Is it a prank?
Pooja: What?
Me: You guys removing sim card and doing stuff to get me worked up??
Pooja: Why will we do that?
Me: No, just occured to me..
Pooja: Man, I feel so guilty! Is there nothing we can do??
Me: Gimme your phone. Lets try putting my sim in urz and urz in mine and detect the problem is in the phone or sim..
Pooja: with a frown I dunno. I have never opened my cell. It doesnt open.
I look at total amazement. I open the device up atleast thrice a day :-P
Me: Lets try
Doesnt work
Me: Rashmi, how about trying the thing on your phone?
Rashmi: Please take care ok? You know how to do it?
Me: yeah...
She gives her phone and the sim cards are exchanged. Problem detected, sim card. Hers being detected in my phone. Then when I plan to exchange the sims back for her phone to be activated, pooja takes tensed walks around the room. When I am about to close her phone, Rashmi [cleanliness freak] notices her batter is very dirty :-
Rashmi: Is it OK if I wipe it up?
Me: Sure, your phone, do whatever you like.
Rashmi in full form, wipes the battery well with dry cloth while pooja passes nervous glances. I exchange the sim cards and Tan-tana!

My sim card starts working in my phone n hers stops in her phone. All of us are confused about the situation and both me and pooja take sighs of relief while Rashmi is all panicked!
Rashmi: I should'nt have cleaned it so well!!
Me: That is not the problem...wonder what the jhol is....
Pooja pickes up her own phone and there! even her sim card is deactivated! Ha ha!! We kept looking at our faces, I burst out laughing and pooja didn't know what to do.
Me: God knows who the real culprits are :-P
Pooja: But....

Finally after 2 minutes of pondering, we come to a conclusion that the vodafone tower must have had some technical problems and as we drew to this conclusion, all our phones come back to life!

Well, the look on pooja's and later Rashmi's face was the best part of it all! the incident lasted about an hour, but we laughed for another hour on it. If anyone doesn't find it amusing, I would understand! Just that this incident was first of its kind with me. For record, Vodafone in pune sucks!

Is hostle life always so amazing??
As many of us have had experiences, I need some more stories... he he...

Love my room-mates! This one dedicated to them.
To Pooja and Rashmi.


Alok said...


Welcome to life! :^D

A friend of mine destroyed my MP3 Player (the only source of life I had) in my first year, and man I was spewing smoke and filth from myself after that. Poor guy was so afraid. I still miss the darnprettylittlething. :(

Well, anyways, your phone has survived such a lot, I didn't think it would die from such a minor injury. And it proved me right in the end. :^P

Which model, btw?

P.S. How's the laundry?

metal-militant said...

My mom showed me a damn cool printout of a tip one day:if your mp3 player/cellphone ever falls into water,all you have to do is switch it off and submerge it totally in rice grains.That's because rice absorbs moisture very easily.

Speaking of mp3 players,I'm getting my 80 GB iPod Classic tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

lol... hostel exp....hmm enjoying..there will be many more coming doncha worry.... my rommie broke my discman sotry is the same for evyone !!

gunj said...

vaddafone sure sucks :P

gud dat u enjoyin hostel life!!
im so J!

crasiezt said...

LOL that sure was hilarious when I imagined the whole thing happening to me:D

Akshay said...
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Nilesh Sawant said...

so go to pune..
live in a hostel..
and you have stories to tell...

man i envy you..

Akshay said...

Phones act funny at times!! I worked many years ago with Vodaphone (at that time it was Essar: that was when they charged like Rs.2 per incoming call). Some customer calls were so funny that we would laugh our ass off!! .... I am glad you don't have to buy a new one!

Once my Digital Camera was destroyed by my friend, He bought me a new one (newer model)....

Hellbound. said...

speaking alok,'which model?'
here's a theory..the older,phadtus-er fones last the longest. tho i hope urs is a good one.
i have a friend who submerged her reliance in water overnight to convince her dad tht she needed a new phone,and to her dismay,obviously,the reliance was still working...
I'm sure the expressions of the people involved in the incident were the highlight,way beyond the phone-falls!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...



i want hostel !!!
i want hostel !!!


Express said...

@ alok
I use a nokia 6610, it was actually a replacement to the old phone I lost, but then I fell in love with my phone and well, it works good. I have an iPod, so don need a music phone. Camera sometimes hurts, but then every1 arund has it, so no regrets, hehe. I shall buy a new thing after graduation. And if this 1 lasts longer, I will buy 4m my own money :-)

My phone has seen so much, I am just proud of its efficiency. Nokia rocks!

I still love doing laundry :D Just that it takes so much of my time! Still, its ok. Learning things hehe.

@ Ishaan
Nice one, but my phone comes back to life all the time if I keep it isolated for a couplea hours, haha!
Congrats on the iPod thing, and no, I still love my nano :-P

Express said...

@ SambY
So many, I was just so confused wht to write :-P
Discman, gowwdd!! My dad wud break me if something like tht happened. But then on 2nd thoughts, I would lose it before my room-mate could break it. I lose electronics so easily :-D

@ gunj
Yea man, lifes good. Thrs so much to be done, so much to be learnt, taking my time, doing my experiments, having my fun :-)

Vodafone :X! I don't know what to do with my sim-card, acha hota pooja k haath se kharab ho jata, i cud've had a choice 2 think of a change!

Express said...

@ crasiezt
Awesome majja came man!! So many things to write than I can actually make a new blog about daily updates hehe, no net thr though! :-(

But no regrets either, change is good.

@ nilesh
I live in a house with 20 odd chics, upper floor [3 rooms, I reside in 1], itself has 8 gals of our age, around all day long :-P

But is thr any need 2 envy?

Express said...

@ akshay
lucky u got stuff back, good friends u ve. Its just that electronics don't like to associate themselves with me, I somehow lose everything pretty easily :-P Worst, nothing actually seems 2 have affinity man!

God 2 knw u had fun at essar, din mean any offense. Even thought it is not perfect, still a lotta people do prefer 2 use them, don't they?

Thanks for the visit.

@ aditi
Man sahi mein, lifes so different outside home. You start realizing so many things that neva crossed ur mind. When u sleep at the end of the day, u feel glad that u can b urself, no matter what :-)
The feeling itself is so fulfilling, that you don't need any other agents to make you fall asleep. :-)

I wont say its awesome, its gr8 coz its different.

Not awesome, coz I miss y'all.