Monday, April 14, 2008

Math error!

"To err is human, to debug is divine."

Not jhadofying gyan, not even trying to show that pune has drilled some sense into me. Just letting you guys know that I used to consider myself of being a math error :-|

I have never liked numbers. And my problem with maths was the only rock-solid thing that stood between me and B tech in biotechnology or biomedical engineering. Even taking up MBA post bachelor's in science was ruled out as an option coz of my math-phobia. To run away from maths on a permanent basis, I actually considered taking up arts or even better, hotel management post HSC. Well, my scientific aptitude and dying curiosity to explore more into science prevented that from happening and I landed in biochemistry. The subject that offers me the perfect combination of my passion for chemistry and skill in biology.

Where am I going with the post?
Towards my renewed liking for mathematics.

I hate maths, I do. Why? coz I can't handle it. I understand derivations, I know how to apply formulae. I guess the problem lies in, which formula to be used where and the tricks to solve the sums. Well, maths is an inseparable part of MSc entrances. So, even when I thought I had escaped them by entering biochem, little did I know they would haunt me till masters. Well, so back to basics. Honestly, I was scared of the fact that I would have to cram all formulae all over again. And then I met madhura ma'am!
Man, she does magic with math! From the very first day, I started admiring her. No cracking unnecessary jokes, no banging the duster, no screaming/ complaining, no favoritism, none at all......
She enters the class with a helmet! and fills us with the unexplainable enthusiasm to solve sums. Her smile is so refreshing and her genuine words loosen all knots in the stomach. She explains all concepts in the most simple words and the ability of solving sums by ourselves leaves behind bliss. Her love for mathematics is evident, I have no words of appreciation, simply Fantastic teaching!

Ma'am, you are absolutely amazing, just keep up the good job and enable math-phobic people like me get into MSc institutes :-P

Having amazing teachers really helps, isn't it?


Alok said...

It sure does. :)

Alok said...

I love Maths and English!!

The former due to my interest and abilities, and the latter due to the excellent teachers I've had.

But Maths is so logical, and so natural. It's something like an innate ability to possess. Once you set your mind through it, it becomes a mode of thinking, and it's so enriching!

It is amazing how a teacher can help you, but it's your inner interest that matters most, whether self induced or not.

Anonymous said...

Maths is something that I have always admired... byt i would agree with alok...having a gr8 teacher hepls..and it shows you are enjoying the class..but in the end its only your interest and drilling of those sums which would give results...

noelia ~ said...

i've never not been good at math, if anything, i'm not good w/ biology, so i guess we're inverted here lol i like math in the sense that it's just understanding the problem and knowing how to solve it, learn some rules here and there, and that's it. i don't have to memorize anything word for word xD

Alisha said...

math...i have that prob too!...not that i wasnt good at it in school...i scored pretty well..but havent realli taken up math after 10th...n getting back to it now for CAT is kinda freakin me out!!!hope i get the right teachers too!!
fingers crossed

Nilesh Sawant said...

i like maths....the reason ironically being my mom...who is actually pretty good at it...
i had good teachers for sure...unfortunately the only good ones i came across were in my school..

crasiezt said...

Teachers can make all the difference in the world. A sicko can make you detest the subject you like, and then there are some like you new Math teacher who make you fall in love (almost) with something you always feared/hated!

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


well i love maths n yes teachers make a diff
but since 2 yr i am outaa touch
cat ke liaa will have to start soon
i am ready to challenge my limits for it :D
plus readin hall mei maths ke lia hamare date pakee :P
let colg open :D

wn ru comin back ??

Express said...

@ alok
I think maths is a subject like itself. There is no barrier of thought and endless new things crop up. Nothing like the conventional sciences. Just taht I cant handle it re, scared of numbers i guess... :-P

English is a b'ful subject man. I liked it too. But well, nothing beats chem n bio 4 me.. I prefer english more than math though :-P

awesome comment. Thank u.

@ SambY
Math is intresting re, just that main ek baar atak gayi toh atak hi jati hu. It defeats me, prolly coz I don try hard enough, and I hate it. Now having a guide like madhura ma'am is really helping me cope up with it. :-)

Gr8 2 u man...

Express said...

@ noelia
Errmm, well...intresting!
Actually math IS application oriented. Nice point raised, teehee
Bio, if u are intrested, u will rem the phenomenon and characters. I find it highly intresting. And biotechnology again is application, how knowledge to be used fruitfully into making new things, to improve exsisting stuff, answering new questions about natural phenomenon and tackling various erupting diseases related to animal or plant bodies.

Can math do dat? :-P

@ alisha
CAT? hmmm......well i dunno whether others will match up wid madhura ma'am, but solve more problems and learn the trigo formulae. Good luck :-P

Practice makes person purffeecct!! haha! gr8 lune to say nah :-P

Express said...

@ nilesh
My mommy is gr8 in math too!! High-five!!
Its just that she kept asking me to practice and i kept encouraging my phobia. Never liked numbers ree...

Till 10th even I was good at it. Then for geometry problems, always had bhaiya around. But 11th 12th was disaster!! Teachers, well no offense, they might be awesome, I was never intrested. HSC was a blunder!
And which collg has good teachers man?
why am I dying in pune if I had collg mein competant enough teachers...

@ crasiezt
Yes yes, madhura ma'am is fantabulous! Man, imagine, I wrote an entire post on it!!
Your description was purfect! Thanks!


Express said...

@ jiggs
Fail hona hai jo mujhse seekhne chali hai??
Back finally on 12th june, back 2 collg on 16th june.

Hope u get good teachers n meri museebat choote! :-P
Nahi re, if I can help, any day!