Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chaat, Chips and Chai..

I can live on these!

Chaat is life for me. Pani-puri, dahi-puri, bhel-puri, sev-puri, dahi-batata puri, samosa bhel, alu-tikki, chole samosa, ragda-pattice etc. etc. etc. I suddenly feel so bad for all people who've never had any one of the dishes mentioned above, ha ha. I know I am wicked :-P

Chips, universal favorite, need I say anything?

Chai, stands for tea. And especially vishnu ki chai man! One of the things I miss most in vacations! And after having chai at vishu's tapri, my expectation for tapri-chai has really raised levels high, they seldom are fulfilled though...

Amusingly, many of the things I love to consume seem to start with the letter 'c' he he. Here is roughly the list ;-)
*~*Chillies, even if they are very spicy, i would prefer to weep later, but i need them.
*~*Chips, any type!
*~*Chaat, anything!!
*~*Chinese, well many things of the cuisine.
*~*Chutney, again, any type.
*~*Cham-cham, bengali sweet
*~*anything with Cream, include ice-cream.
*~*anything with Cheese
*~*Citrus fruits.

Thinking of it, I would have my own little list for every alphabet, ha ha :-P

Well, the whole point, if you haven't already noticed, the list does NOT contain the thing starting from "c", many people would kill for, yea, chocolates. And its not that I have never liked them, just that I was never crazy about them. As I have mentioned before, melody and white chocolate are the forms of chocolate I like most; and cadbury's dairy milk is what I like least.
Some of my friends suggest that I have suddenly gotten anorexic, and so am avoiding chocolates. Well, they might be correct, no offense, but I think this is bull-shit. If I were suffering from anorexia, why phobia to only 1 form of food?

Food remains to be one of the prime reasons for my existence. I don't hog, like I have seen many people do, :0 I just like to eat variety of stuff. This is all that I am missing in pune. Sabzi-roti-rice every meal is so boring, that too vegetarian! well, have no choice!

What are the kinds of foodstuff most commonly favorite?
Is experimenting with food, every-ones hobby?

I need answers.......


Sutta said...

Wah kya post hai. Foodie foodie. :P
Experiments with food?
I stay away from home and I'm literally sick of eating this outside food for every meal of the day. Even bored of experimenting. :P

Express said...

@ rohit
He he. Kuch toh post karna tha coz I am home for 1 day :-P 1st thing tht came 2 my mind is in front of u, ha ha

Bored of experimenting? no wonder u r not doin science :-P
I swear, home food is the best food!
And the more I am experimenting, the more I am falling in love with bengali cuisine...
Try it out if you haven't already :-)

Thanks for commenting :-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


i knwo i find it hard to open my eyes along the day w/o vishnu's coffee lolzz
i miss Vishnu the most lolzzz

n yes i am not much of a foodie but i love chaat


n v r not gettin bald :D:D:D

Alok said...

The Chaat list in the beginning! OMG!

Made me drool all over.... *dreams*

You forgot something... Chewing Gum!!
Though it's not something you eat, but you can say you "consume" it. :D

Experimenting? I get enough "experiments" from our mess (and canteen) itself. I'd rather not try too much, Or else my stomach would corrode. :)

noelia ~ said...

i also believe eating is one of the greatest joys and pleasures of life. there's nothing worse than having a cold and have everything taste like nothing! it's torture.

Nilesh Sawant said...

well my fav. are em good ol kababs...esp.the ones they sell outside the bandra they are awesome and cheap.....
honestly..... i dont mind experimenting with food...if its cheap...
also vada pavs and then a glass nice of lassi...helping you to attain that much need peace of mind u desire...

gunj said...

ur food taste is v similar to wonder im feeling hungry right nw!!
n i love to experiment, just dat i need more money fo it right nw!!:P

Express said...

@ aditi
Bald, haha!
Vishnu, man, yaad dila di!!
Chat? uske bagair, thrs no life ree.

Hehe, happy vacations, i mis u yaar!

Express said...

@ alok
Arre, there are soo many things i forgot 2 mention re, this list is good enough though :-P
Chewing gum not included, coz of many reasons I don wanna get into..

And honestly, the same kinda fod everyday is BORING! Stil, I am trying hard to concentrate on beter things nw, like career n all.. :-P
Miss ya ! :-(

@ noelia
I agree with you, suffering wth a severe cold myself right now, and coz I am outta home, it is worse..

I believe they should formulate new compositions of food that can activete the taste buds and make a person taste the food efficiently even when suffering from cold. Aha! now u knw wht I shall b researching on :-P

Thanks for the comment!

Express said...

@ nilesh
U prolly mentioned all my favs man! Well, favorite list is very relative n subject to change often hehee
I agre with the cheap thing too. If I don't like something what follows next is a lot of complaining!! And that is the last thing I wanna do wit respect to food, haha!
I had never had typical maharashtrian food, and now I have ben exposed to the beauty of it, must say, living in maharashtra and eating typical varan bhat is a must!

Thanks for the comment. :-)

@ gunj
Haha, food! I am drolling already! darn pune! no tyime 2 experiment!!

crasiezt said...

Lovely lovely!!
Am a foodie too babe...and I love to experiment! Ate a duck couple of weeks back (first time). Different story that I didn't like it:P
And chaats...yummmmmmm!!

jeff said...

Oh man, no chocolate?? I know a girl that would kill for chocolate. On another note, I am one those people who haven't had any of those dishes in the 2nd paragraph.

Anonymous said...

yaar mujhe chaat khane man kar rah hai sach me... pune me aacha sa ek dish milata hai egg paratha or sumthing..mai egg lover hu tum pata nahi ho ki nahi..aur chai maine kabhi nahi pee./...abhi 4 baje hai and u said all this ..i have to go and have some gol gappes now man

Anonymous said...

about food exprimenttaion...well i really have done it... har jagah ka khana sample kiya hai aur har kism ka janwar bhi khaya hai...srry if ur a veggie n this sounds disgusting... but well ur a bengali..must lve fish right??

Express said...

@ crasiezt
I have had duck, some fried dish, it ws okay. But nothing beats chicken man!
I am not even eating too much chat outside home, :-(, Health kharab ho gayi toh responsiblity kon lega types :-(

Food! I need some spice in my life!

@ jeff
Ah! Its all spicy. I wont say u wud love it, but well I live for chat! Its like indian kind of junk food, he he.
Well, No facination for chocolates. And I am happy that way. As far as people who kill for chocolate are concerned, u wud find some here itself, wassay, jiggy? alish? :-P

Thanks for comment

Express said...

@ samby
Dushmani hai mujhse?
Tabyat kharab ho rakhi hai weather change k karan, dabbe ka dal-bhat khana pad raha hai roz, aaj arso baad chicken milega, n chat aur fish yaad dila di...uff!

I toh live on fish man, 4 times a week banta hai ghar pe. And baki samay kuch nah kuch laga hi rehta hai. Chat, anytime anywhere, just that rommies don allow me yaha ka, tabyat theek nahi hai nah :-(

Khub maze karo,
I just can't post a new topic from the cafe,
ghar ja-ke wohi karne wali hu :-)
He he

Anonymous said...

hey hws u doing...i hope ur internshiip is going we.lll... enjoy do ur best..was nice knowing u... will try to be back soon...


Vishv Sambyal "Samby"

Bhai with Chai said...

ohho.. now I get the comment that you poted on my blog.. "nostagia"..
vishnu ki chai!!

I am a vegetarian , so whenever I need to experiment, I cook! :D

Express said...

@ bhai with chai
Yeah, cooking is so much fun...
Mesa loves cooking too...

but dad does all the experimentation wid cooking :-P

Areu 4m mumbai? dadar mein ruia college k samne vishu ki tapri ki chai piyo yaar, baki sab bhul jaoge!