Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love, is it?

The favorite topic of discussion?

Dream-partner, dream-romance, dream-dates, dream-kisses, dream-love-making, dream-wedding!

I personally (still) do not believe in love. I (still) do not see why other people do, AND (still) don't think I would ever be able to. All I had to say about love is this.

My last year's valentine's day post was just an attempt to change the whole topic to other forms of love, but well, this weekend I'm saddened.

Every-one's concern is absolutely different.

Shahrukh Khan wants Paki players to play in IPL
Shiv-sena + Ma-na-se don't want call him a traitor instead
Mumbaikars want to see 'My name is Khan'
Rest of india wants to either like it or not-like it
Terrorists wanna bomb one of my favorite bakeries
City-police wants to sleep
Pune-kars want to act like nothing happened
Hyderabadies want Telengana
Students want to study and nail GATE
My hostel-mates want to smoke in the wash-rooms
My classmates want placement
My mum wants me to wear a saree
My bro wants me to study hardER

I meanwhile, want a break!

One weekend, just one weekend surpasses all others as a mighty huge disaster. And what's best? Its just the beginning of the year / term / career, and I'm freaking out already.

Funny how I had to read a quote on Valentine's day. Says,
Since we tend to see ourselves primarily in the light of our intentions, which are invisible to others; while we see others mainly in the light of their actions, which are visible to us; we have a situation in which misunderstanding and injustice are the order of the day.
Interesting, very interesting.


Arv said...

Hope you get your break soon :)

Anurag said...

wonder the post after a year i.e.on valentines day will have changes to it ;)

The Quote... you said it. Interesting :)

soin said...

my v day was dramatic and full of lurv..nowadays the cynical non lover seem to be at large.they might end up falling for each

Express said...

:) break is not happenening for another year and a half :-|

yet, long time da! hope all's well :)

haha, how I wish! :)

Lurve? yea? Good on ya man..

cynical non-lover..hmm..
*wonders if there was a subtle comment made on her sucky love-life*
*can't figure out head-tail abt love anyway*
*gives up*

well, happy v-day to you.

Sach! said...

oyi u come 2 states..or at least 2 chandi in may...mast aish karenge..ladke chedenge :P

ki said...

Whoa. I read the quote twice and now, I must think. :-\

BIG Omi said...

Very very very interesting Quote! Mind blowing ! Human Mind gets easily influenced! People fail to see other people's action in light of one's intention! Then History and News will never be distorted! :) Very nice quote budz! Amaazing!

Express said...

Ladke? HAHA!
kitne dhang k ladke reh gaaye hai mere aas paas, wohi soch rahi hu :P


Express said...

You came along after a long long time no?

I'm glad you liked it :)