Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This love-hate thing..

When they like you, you don't like them;
when they don't, you lurrvveee them.
When you talk to them, you are on cloud nine,
when you don't, probably they are on cloud seventeen :D

And then all this while,
there is this person
who stares at you while you work in the library,
dreams of you, day and night,
tries a lot to talk to you,
smiles a lot while talking to you.

And you keep hoping to talk to the person who doesn't care what you want to talk about, making several blows to the feelings of the one who does care.

This funny thing about liking someone, you sometimes forget that you need to be liked back.

You settle for whatever comes along. You want to eat a fruit, who cares if it is lemon or strawberry? Humour yourself that all is going to end well; but knowing very well deep down that this ain't going nowhere. Hurting someone elses feelings because this one particular person isn't paying enought attention to you.

This funny thing about loving someone and they not loving you back, someone ends up getting hurt for no fault.

Then, there are your friends. They sympathise with your situation, but 'HAVE GOTTA TELL YOU SOMETHING NOW!' They, their respective relationships and their funny tales. You have to go like, 'You 've gotta be kidding me!!' or 'Awww, I'm so happy for you :)'; when deep down telling yourself, 'Get out of this room before you explode!'

This funny thing about wanting to be friends with only those people who have identical relationship status as you.

Just when the sea in your heart calmed down, why does the tornado strike?
When you were busy playing neutral, why do all the positives and negatives in you start attracting and repulsing with each other?
This sudden rush of feelings for this one person, all goes well and then suddenly,

The bubble bursts!



Misanthropist said...

Ain't that a perpetual saga??
And if I had answers to all the why's here I, myself would be out of lotta shit ;)

You'll come out unscathed Shatab :)

Express said...

@ Misanthropist
Yea, funny how it happens over and over and over again wid me :D

wht do we learn from life,
almost nothing :P

Thanks and wish you the same,
[only if u need it ;)]


Ranjith said...

hey, i like this post very much

well shaped the sentences from shapeless feelings ppl go thru!!

Alok said...

Did you know that rats must keep on scraping their teeth, or they would keep growing?


shivamgoel said...

nice one..

TheGirlWithNothing said...

this is exactly how i feel :) :S
just stumbled on your blog and i must say i love the way you write :D

Express said...

Welcome to my page :)
Thanks for reading through, yea!




Express said...

Thanks indeed!

Thanks dor the visit then :)

Well its mostly w/e comes 2 my head.. I visited ur blog.. the personal diary type blogs are the ones v tend to attach to more :)

Hope 2 see more of you around :)

Anonymous said...

Yeh kya hai.. what is happeneing to you... focus man.. focus.

Express said...

LOL! huge story, facebook pe msg karti hu :D

Confused Soul said...

Why? really? I so relate to this.. and sometimes its strange when your at ur lowest, people STILL intentionally talk about stuff that wants u to explode.. aahh d feeling..

Well written :)