Saturday, December 27, 2008

7 Random things again

I have done this one, actually this was my first tag ever.

But Disguise tagged me and I love her so much that I couldn't say no. So, here it is girl.
7 random facts about me.

1. I am going to the beach with my parents and some other families tomorrow! It should be a helluva experience! I can't wait to make a sand-castle. [that is why I am going :-D ]

2. My last annual festival in my college got done on 24th. I did not cry when it ended, because it did not sink in, but now even if I think of it, I feel all low :-( I don't want to leave Ruia :-(

3. People who read me are all lovely people, but it so sad to know that so many don't comment! My college friends come up here and message me their feed-back and do not click on that comment button! Why, I do not know. This is one chance to tell me. Also, I am not comment hungry, even if I get none, I shall be equally happy.

4. I hate treating blogger like a social networking site. I will be frank enough to tell that. There are just a few people with whom I socialise because we share that kind of bond. period.

5. I don't want 2009 to come. It is going to be decisive n difficult and I am not sure if I am ready.

6. I am a phone-keeda! I talk and talk and even if I wanna stop, continue talking! I just made a new record, maximum time on phone with a girl on STD, 1 hour 44 minutes with Sachi. I <3 you ladki! :-)

7. I don't like the number seven. And like I confessed in Diu's blog, I find 6 and 9 absolutely cute! My lucky number is 2 though.

So, there is it. I tag anyone who has not done this one or wants to do it again.

P.S. To know what women want, read what I wrote here.


CяystąL said...

I would hate leaving my I can totally understand what leaving a place whr you've spent great moments of your life would be like.
PLUS. I don't want 2009 to come..I'll die if its another awful year added to my hauntings. Period.

Express said...

@ Crystal
when I passed outta skool, I thought I would miss it, but then life takes such turns u don realise. College is much different. I feel it.

and X-Cz isnt loading again :-(
I can't even edit :-(

divinediu said...


Guess who is linked and mentioned in the blog??



Phone keeda!!
You are simply awesome, Express.

You make me smile.
Like thees- :)


Express said...

@ Diu
hahha!! I love u 4 teaching me this! bearryyy huggiiiee!! haha! :)

You make me issmmilee tooooo!!

<3 <3 <3!!
I love jjuuuuu!!!

Arv said...

Interesting points there :P

Hope you had a good time at the beach... take care.. cheers...

Anurag said...

which beach r u going to ....and ya the phone thingy ...Ask me about it .....It's 1/8'th of what u hv mentioned but that's just too much for me :D

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a tough year, but YOU can do it, I know you can.
*big hug*

Express said...

@ Arv
Thankkssss!! I had an awesome time! And considering the fact that I ain't clebrating new year's eve, this ws like the puurrrffecct new yr 4 me!!!!

Mez sooo happyy!! :-) :-) :-)

pics Ill upload on FB, soooonnnn!!!!!!

@ Anurag
Ghorai, had funn!! why din u come? stupid, missed a awesome beach day..
U've not seen me in full-form, no. and it will be so much, that u wudnt b able 2 jhelofy the impact :-|

and 'nothing' is too much 4 me! :-D record stands at 7 n 1/2 hours. :D :D :D
and gimme one holiday, 1 charger point, one intresting person I wanna explore and managable balance and that shall be easily broken.
as i said,
phone keeda.

Express said...

@ Ki
I still dunno, but those words make me so confident again! :D

<3 u!!!

Trinaa said...

heyyy ye 'disguise' kaun hai? haan haaaaaaaan? n ye love shuv kaha se ho gaya usse?..m not likin all!!!!

divinediu said...

Anytime, hun anytime.

More inventions coming up. :P

Your comment was so aww!!

You know what?

I read your fiftieth again. :)


I love you.

Awwwwwwwww @ your comment reply too.

I drop by your blog to feel the love.


Swayam said...

ahhaa...randomness is what works best... loved them all...
ps: I am back..

RiverSoul said...

I don't really know how i missed out on this Blog
Am following you now onwards, and am adding you to my fat bloated Blogroll as well
Now will you accept the awesome buddy, best Blogging buddy, beautifly etc etc awards?

Anonymous said...

Girl,m really sorry for not putting my comments here...
love to read your posts..always...
keep it up gurl...
all the best.....

Bhai with Chai said...

5 - ditto!

Express said...

@ Tri
Aree, meri beti jaisi hai :-P
Cute hai, who, uska blog dekh, and shes straight, so mera chance-ich nahi :-D

And tu hi hai meri jaan, doubt-shout kahe ko karti hai?


Tere saath new year manana hai :-(

@ Diu
I edited the 50th again! :-D
And still din get the effect :-P

And aww at the fact that u’ve been reading it to feel the love! There are so many people I wish 2 write about now..but sigh…gotta wait 4 the 100th I guess…

And I love u too, koi shak?


Express said...

@ Swayam
Welcome buaacckk!! :-)

Pick up the tag if u haven’t done it..cummon!

@ Riversoul
Aree all good.

And beautifly! Haha, nice nice…

Awards 2 barsaat!!! Good. :-)

Express said...

@ Sayali
Oye, all good. And please re, I know you read.just feel free 2 comment, that’s all I wanted 2 say >:D<

PS Peopals, say hi 2 best friendi!

@ Bhai

We shall make the best of w/e shit life throws at us baby, v shall…

And u r the best!

Hope snap ws so too!

The Seeker said...

Even I hated leaving school, Now completed my UG and about to finish my masters too.. Life goes on... Its quite normal..

And have spoken two hours continously!!! Do break my record soon...

wishing you all happyness in the year to come may many new horizons come in this new year!

A very prosperous and happy new year to you


Express said...

@ The seeker
dude, My record is 7n1/2 hours :-| wht u talkin abt... 3 hours is usual for me :D

but on STD, that too wid a GIRL! pehli baar itna baka, new record :D

But dont graduation friends stay for life? *please say yes*

cheers 2 u too :-)

muthu said...

hi..... truely random thoughts....

loved your blog.......

i would love to have your comments on my short stories.....

do visit my blog and have a read...

and happy new year......

Alok said...

Argh Such Randomness

it burns by mind

divinediu said...


I never had and shak.


divinediu said...

what did you edit?

what effect?

Express said...

@ muthu
Hey! :-)

welcome to my page
thanks for the visit

@ Alok
Argh, How I wish it could burn the retina and hamper the eye-sight! atleast I would be saved in the future.

Express said...

@ Diu
haha, just some change here and there :D

I edited Ishaan's para and added Samby's pic :D
wanted to change the order of people, but thats anyway random, so, chucked..

u actually keep track? I am so honoured! :-)


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

abey yaar id commented last ngith nahi aaya kya

hmm anyway HNY!
n yes ruia will be missed
specially vishnu,mani , dps


The Seeker said...

Friends stay put! but that matters how much one values their presence!!! So don't worry! make it a point to catch up with them once in every while.. life demands so much that at times you easily get lost in everyday emergencies

Express said...

@ Aditi
hahhaaa!! u commented on sachi's blog! LOL :D

dimakh saara snap pe laga diya, thoda toh daily use k liye bachye rakhti :P

yea, thinking of vishnu, my heart sinks :(
v ve 3 mnths, bas jee lete hai yaar!
last k 3 saal evaporate ho gaye nah? :P
happy nu year yaar!

@ The seeker
I know.
I had planned the same 4 skool, din work :(

But i realised, v ve 2 make it work, for old times sake :) yes :)

thanks :)
made me feel all happy happy :)

Aditi Gupta said...

i commented on her blog
shit didint even realise lolzz

Express said...

@ Aditi
:D :D :D

Its ok, u just made a new typo..
u types the whole thing on a wrong window :P

Hail the typo queen!

Aditi Gupta said...


Express said...

@ Aditi
aur kitne blogger profiles banayegi oye?

woh kya raaz hai jisko chupa rahe ho?
huh huh?