Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The celebrations of the arrival of lord in our world are very thanda this year. We can see people skipping the midnight mass and staying put, which is both good and bad as I see. Good, coz they are spending much time with family and valuing each others company. Bad, coz somehow it gives a feeling of surrendering to fear. Anyway, the events that happened in the country lately have had an effect on every celebration.

My annual college fest almost got called off. We had to plead to the princi so much for not losing out on it in our last year. Plus, we organized a peace concert instead of the usual gig; which was just what it should be, peaceful :-)

St. Paul’s cathedral, kolkata, had its usual mass yes, but they distributed black wrist bands to all devotees as a mark of protest against terrorism.

My own city has probably been worst hit, Christmas parties canceled, carols not sung, churches empty :-( city after 8pm empty, suspicion in everyone’s eyes, no Santa on the road, no massive list of Christmas shopping, no eating vodka cake coz Joe uncle called off his party :-(

We canceled our New Year party, coz it didn’t feel like celebrating and dancing all night.

Country mourning, we protesting, attending rallies, skipping parties, all our lives definitely affected.

And yet,

A software engineer was beaten to death because he refused to financially contribute in Mayawati’s birthday celebrations.

My question
Why do politicians exist in any state?
To introduce, reform, direct, re-direct, to voice ‘our’ opinions in the parliament, to represent us.

Very sad that it has reduced to birthday celebrations and election rallying with some disoriented young volunteers.

May peace be conferred upon this land
Please give sadh-buddhi to my country-men.

Praise the lord!


Trinaa said...

peace n buddhi to d world! ;D
merry christmas love :)))

Express said...

@ Tri
Yayy!! fiirrsstt!! :D
to u too swthrt!

me in trans... *sniff*
mishing u!! :-(

@ everyone
of forgot to wish!
A Very very happy christmas and prosperous new year people! Hope 2009 brings in peace and joy for all of us!!!!!
:-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. :)
I hope and pray that all will be well.

CяystąL said...

"Politicians will be politicians" Bwahahahaha!


Alok said...

Celebrations; no celebrations; It doesn't matter. The city moves on, undaunted by whatever messes with it. Even a thousand christmases cannot compare with this spirit.

Politicians are nothing but our representatives. That is the gruesome truth. And a mark of how strong our democracy is.

Anurag said...

Nobody can change politicians ....Sad Reality that ...
Anyways ...Merry Christmas ....

Arv said...

cheer up........ its Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss

divinediu said...

:( :(


Rajesh said...

Yeah this Mayaati thingy is quite upsetting


Anyways new year wishes...

The Seeker said...

!!! Merry christmas buddy !!!

Politicians!!! Somebody please design an totally-Indian sure-to-break-down-halfway-through exclusive space-ship for them and let's send them out....

Let this season of hope and love bring the much-needed change

And new-year wishes...

Express said...

@ Ki
:-) Merry Christmas ladki!
Hope u r doing well and having awesome majja! :-)


@ Aayush
Yeaaaaahhhhh!! Its party timee!!!
*puts on her party shoes*
*does her happy dance*

Express said...

@ Alok
Ha! yea, true.
But don’t u dare question the spirit of a global festival.. It keeps us together as a world, It helps us unite, even if its under the name of almighty, it helps us overcome our differences..

Thus, Happy Christmas! :-)

@ Anurag
Haha, achchi kahi!

U have funn!! Merry Christmas 2 u tooo!!! :-)

Express said...

@ Arv
Omg! If u can let loose, I to have all the rights!
We wish u a merry Christmas
We wish u a merry Christmas
We wish u a merry Christmas
And a happy new yearrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:-) :-) :-)
Tc n ve funnn!!!!!!!!

Love u ladki!!!
:-) :-) :-)

Express said...

@ Rajesh
Hope u have an awesome time with friends and family
Hearty greetings on the end of 2008

@ The seeker
I <3 ur comment!! Its so cooll!! Hehheheehahhahahahahaa

Have fun n tc!
And Im hopping off 2 ur blog in like, 30 seconds!!!!

Vaibhav Lall said...

its sad to c the country like this... but lets hope the festive season brings in new hope....nice post....!!
merry Christmas to ya...and a great year ahead...!!

btw...ur neurons dont seem to b disoriented...!! :)

Express said...

@ Vaibhav

you hav the fortune to not know me personally :-D ask the others, they know :-D

Welcome to my page and thanks for the visit.