Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fury, fright and failure

I have always respected the city I belong to. Always loved every bit wholeheartedly.
Some say I ain't a Mumbaikar coz I reside at the other side of a bridge,
Some say I can't be one coz Marathi isn't my mother-tongue,
Some say that being born on this land plays a role in belonging here..

I've never cared about such trivial things and always been passionate about the awesomeness of An Awesome city.

But today, my heart cries.

I've already expressed whatever I felt like saying about the attacks on My city. Today, I just want us all to take a minute and analyze all that we are losing in this never-ending war for peace. I am saddened by the fact that innocent college/office-goers pay the price for loop-holes in the administration.

Dear Terrorists,
I admire your ways of planning and execution. Next time, please bomb the good-for-nothing politicians. You shall make your point with a greater impact and the ones at fault shall be penalized.

An average Mumbaikar.


DocPanacea said...

its reaally pathetic... the way things r hapenning.. its just like we are getting used to all this.. after 9/11 nothing happened in america.. and here in india so many times this happened after 26/11.. very thought provoking article.. nice blog.. keep wrting.. looking forth towards ur next post..

Express said...

DonPanacea: Ah! Its almost like we Mumbaikars r getting used to this. It sucks because there r so many loopholes and yet, we cannot per say 'blame the system'.

Something needs to be done, and soon.

Thanks for dropping by. :)

Sach! said...

:( I wish the best for the whole India. And Mumbai shall rise soon. And this time.. it'll be a revengeful time.

Nidhi said...

I love Mumbai too...and I am not a Mumbaikar...cant speak even a sentence in marathi. I totally relate when you say its "my city" irrespctive of trivial facts. And my heart bleeds whenever there are attacks on Mumbai (have shifted to Bangalore long back but my heart still resides somewhere in the "maximum city" "my city")

Express said...

I'm happy that u could relate. All I can say is, there is nothing considerable that the govt is doing abt it and now is the time for us to demand answers.