Saturday, July 9, 2011

A piece of my own!

A perfectly beautiful word.
Every relationship has this word in the very definition.

In difficult times, it gives courage to power through it. In times of happiness, it multiplies the fun. And well literally speaking, It reduces the load, makes it manageable.

But there are some things in life that one cannot share away with everyone they know!
For instance,

Yea! The more people we discuss it with, the more confusing it gets! And then the soup leads to us making the wrong decision. End result: the situation gets even more confusing than it originally was!

Obviously. If you blabber it all away, it isn't a secret to start with.

Your ace card.
No, I am not a vixen. But who doesn't enjoy some mild mind games? :P Well, in a tight spot, discussion helps, but either never disclose your brilliantly thought-out next move or, discuss it with someone who doesn't exactly know what you are upto ;) :P

Your bedroom stories.
Seriously. I for one don't need to know how many times you did it :-/

Irrelevant things that happened gazillion years ago.
Need I say anything else?

and Most importantly,
The teeniest tiniest detail about your relationship!
I have always believed that every relationship is different and things that work in some relationships don't need to work for other ones. Every couple has to form their own rhythm and develop their own symphony that requires a lot of effort.

And despite knowing everything, one (read I) know(s) nothing.

Problematic, Beautiful, fucked up, out-of-a-fairy-tale, absolute-delight! Whatever your relationship is, that's your doing. Deal with it.

And let me deal with some real problems.


Sach! said...

Lol! Absolutely agree to every word especially how they talk about their bedroom secrets. And guess what that is never the real secret :P :)

Welcome Back babes :) :))

pri said...

the last part of the post reminded me of my favorite line---duniya mein aur bhi gham hai, ek mohabbat ke siva!!! :)

Express said...

Sach: Haha! truth be said I've missed being here.
and about the bedroom stories..
Juicy gossip is always fun, dirty/erotic/embarrassing stuff shold be saved for the special few.. :D

Pri: Very very well said! Thanks for dropping by gal :)