Monday, September 5, 2011

All for the little glow :P

This is the most hilarious conversation I've ever had. Adult content: Unsuitable for children.

So, I was spending the night at a good friend's place and both of us were neither sleepy nor at the loss of conversation-starters. Hence, began random chatter that took the most ridiculous turns and finally lead to explosive laughter.

Me: The best way of Contraception? Condoms right?
She: Yea, but there are so many kinds! How does one know which type is best?
Me: Well, to keep the fun alive, I guess all people can do is 'experiment'..
She : Yea! So, there is dotted, and flavored, and lubricated, and?
Me: I dunno the regular things, but I do know that Kamasutra was trying to pull off something called 'glowing condoms' :P

*roar of laughter*

She: Huh? Really now!
Me: Yea, it never got through the quality checks I think. But some friend's friend was an auditor and could lay his hands on some complimentary ones. I don't know how effective they are, but sound quite entertaining..
She: Haha!
Me: Yea man! They had 2 colours as far as I remember. Green and Red. It reminds me of the signal lights :P
She: Only 2 colours? They should have experimented more re!
Me: Aree, green for husband and red for secret lover. So that she would know whose name to scream :D The Promotional ad makers should totally take our idea! :D
She: LOL! But if the husband was to return while the extra-marital action was on, the curtains is the most obvious place to hide right? But he would get caught because of the glowing thing man! Then whats the fun?
Me: Yea! Ad cancel. We have to come up with more convincing ideas that appeal to more people...

*Brain-storming begins*

She: We need more variety!
Me: Yea! Shocking pink for girly gurls..
She: Grey with a little shine for smart professional chics!
Me: Yeahh.. black would be hot too! But then whats the point of all the illumination... :-/
She: Haha! Oh, we need something for the elderly. Ah! White glow for senior citizens!
Me: Abbe, woh cfl k tarah jalega!

*roar of laughter*

She: The advertisement for this thing would be damn appealing. Electricity chali jaati hai and then the wife cooks for her dear husband in the brightness of his thing :P
Me: Dude, so, if they use a glass top dining table....
She: Instead of candle light dinner... they would have d*ck-light dinner!!!

*roar of laughter*

Me: One solid colour will get boring after a while nah.. If we could have varied patterns and designs the trend is more likely to stay sustained.
She: Oh! There should be alternate lighting, like the diwali LED lights!
Me: Cool stuff!! But a fluorescent dye won't be able to do that! We will need a power source. Battery would be cumbersome re..
She: Yea.. and electricity laya bhi toh power cord kaha se niklega?
Me: Butt se niklega

*roar of laughter*

Me: Uska bhi ad hona chahiye!!
She: Yea.. so after a long hard day when a couple goes to sleep.. husband pyar se bolega, "Darling, light off kar do.. and mera d*ck on kar do!!"

*roar of laughter*

Me: Dude! That will be a revolution! We should really contact some companies and sell them our multi-million dollar ideas!
She: Of course! But then we are supposed to be 'GOOD' girls who don't really know about all these things :D Plus, it is too much effort!
Me: Yea.. But we had the idea first! So, we should have some proof..

*Brain-storming continues*

*Laziness and sleep take over*

*Followed by a very bizarre dream and drowsy morning where we couldn't really look each other in the eye*


we would all agree, Glow toh chahiye boss! :D :D


Gunj said...

aj kal ke bache!! omg...

you had me in splits

CFL ki tarah jalega...LOL max!

Express said...

:D :D

Its so great to see you around here!! :) <3

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

I was here yesterday night!

I thought to keep it more like a g-talk! :D

btw, you were on Full Express Mode in this post!

Nidhi said...

//CFL ki tarah jalega
//d*ck-light dinner


Howlarious post..and thanks for visiting my blog!

Kunal said...

hahahaha....can't laugh enough...I was in office...otherwise..I would have laughed till my stomach ached..

it is an original idea..dats for sure :P


divinediu said...

Hahahahaha!! I don't believe I would have missed this!! =D =D


Pun intended! ;)

Express said...

:) Thanks da! This wasnt the exact conversation we had though, it has been cleaned up before posting :P

Aw! That was an awesome pleasure, yes. I dont usually comment if I dont really like blogs :)

Express said...

The credit is mostly ours :P

Thanks for the visit.

You have always been very very special to me dearie :)
thanks for the read!

Cяystal said...

OMG. What ever happened to your friend and youuuu! Dimaag ki batti was shining too brightly, ehhh !? :P
This defined crazy.
And heeey, I am blogging around .. kind of :S

Express said...

Aayu: Tu ne padha nahi? upar bold aksharo mein likha tha! unsuitable for CHILDREN!

humari bachchi humare karan bigade ye humein kate-hi manzoor na hai! :D

I miss Xcz mannnnn!!!

DEE DEE said...

OMG you are too good...

Imagine a kid enters and says papa muje darr lag raha hai aapka Green Light do na...

hey should have "beep condoms" too...its time to throw up back off Beeeeeepppppppp

Express said...

LOL! beep ah? controversial topic hai re :P usually when oven beeps, we think "something" is ready to dig into :P ;)

and bachha asking for spooky green light? A sexy woman saying the same line would make a brilliant ad!! :D

DEE DEE said...

When oven hot it beeps..when a man like a dog in the heat condom beeps...

instead of green and red....we wud rater have color changer :P

fibre optic technology....freak...we can make it a night long conversation....n i so lovezz ith

Express said...

Dee: HAHA! are you from mumbai too? I have this super-strong urge to call u up right away! :D

DEE DEE said...

i saw posts about Mumbai and had this instant connection with you...guess its the charm of this city...

Confused Soul said...

Omg this was fucking hilarious dude.. what ideas!! :P .. kya zamana aa gaya hai :P