Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dumbfounded episode.

Something weird happened today, something that deserves a mention here. A realization like never before, the energy within that exploded, convincing me that sure, music flows in my blood!

We needed some regular grocery and dad was away [He usually does the shopping]. I chose the job [as occasionally I do], but this time I decided to take along a company, my i pod. I left home, closed the door behind me, turned on the player and then magic struck! Music flooded into my ears, connecting me to the abyss, the universal language of music. It ran through my very veins. My knees gave up, I couldn't move an inch, simply sat on the stairs, answering the call of kutulu....
After the song ended, it came to my realization that all this while I had been blocking the entrance to my building! I came back to conscious, reduced the volume and resumed my job.

I am usually among the more aware customers. It takes me time to shop, maybe because I check all details, compare the brands, expiry dates, weight:price ratio, take all my time to make the best choice, just because I don't want to regret later. Today, I chose haphazard stuff, somethings that we didn't even need [thank-god my mum didn't realize that]. Just paid the bills, walked out the supermarket and walked into the dugdhalay [milk and allied products]. Just said "ek pav dahi", picked up the packet, paid some money and walked off. Later the uncle came running behind me to make me realize that I forgot to take the change. He then uttered something that made me go "huh?", and finally do away with my headphones. Turns out, it was the first time in three years [the span of time the store has been open in my neighborhood], that I hadn't checked the amount of curd weighed in the electronic balance, or said the "thank-you" after taking the change. I said the sarcastic "kind of you to notice" and smiled to myself. He looked very pleased with himself, well, i walked off.

After returning home, i just handed over my purchases to mum and walked straight to the terrace to listen to some-more music. My mum told me later, this was weird because, I didn't narrate the details of my interesting venture and how in every-way I was 'the smart shopper'.
It sounds weird but it is true. After turning my player on, i feel that sense of gratification, satiety, that doing nothing else does; Its like, the energy from music, completes me.

Conclusion. I am never taking my i pod along. Even if I do, I am never listening to metal.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Company is all I need.

I like to be alone sometimes, yes, to think about myself, priorities, decisions, mistakes. But, loneliness kills me. Too much loneliness depresses me. If nothing else, i resort to music so that pink floyds and the likes can keep me company. I go out of my schedule to travel with friends, might even take the tiring path if that means company.

The most amusing fact about me and my bunch of friends is, when in college, we try our best to stick together at all times, yes, even in the washroom :P Rather, we try to be together when in the washroom, reason? people flick things! money, face washing gels, hand-towels, anything they can lay hands on. Loo tales r too many, some not even appropriate to be put-up here. I shall give the generalized scene.

We walk in, all six of us together usually. Everyone takes turns to use the loo, everyone has their own distinct way/style [preventing from narrating their tales]. I look myself in the mirror and ask the same question over and over again to each of my friends,

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Amruta - not more messy than it usually does.

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Prerna - No baba, its just right.

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Sayali - Chuck nah, who cares?

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Manik - NoooOooo!!

Me - Is my hair looking messy?
Surabhi - What?

Well. I give-up every time I try, It just never gonna stop looking messy, i tell myself as we walk out...

There are people who think this is irrelevant. I think this is one of the opportunities to observe others. Not stare at them, no, thats pathetic and also makes others uncomfortable. Well, observe the general trends. This is what i have observed,
There are these females, who have their multiple layers of makeup, glosses, kajal, etc etc. Their makeup kits weigh more than their books, good, whatever suits them.
There are these who come for hygiene purposes, others for touch-up before meeting people, some come to use their phones, some come to meet other people, some to have some time just by themselves.

Whatever be it, quite a happening place all day long :D

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A better world....

Well, I know I am too young for worrying about the manner in which the world works. But, this is neither a general statement nor a thoughtless remark. I have been thinking of this, i.e. when we speak the same language, can express ourselves well, there are so many means of communication; then why? why is it so difficult to understand each other?

The basic problem according to me is,
"Everybody thinks they are the smartest"; simply the best. They have got the perfect way of dealing with problems and that their way is the best way. No-one wants to put their feet down, respect others opinions, and once in a while, mend their ways. If someone listens to you once, then you become the hero, the problem-solver, the person who knows the best. So, next time, even if that person doesn't need your "advice", you can go and influence them some-more, then you can officially flaunt around that you have the "experience". Nice, very nice i must say....

And not only for solving problems, for organizing anything, anywhere opinion is required, people think they are the boss. And if others put their feet down, they become the underdogs. Even worse, if they don't put their feet down, they become not-so-co-operative. I look at such situations and smile to myself. There is nothing wrong about this. Its a persons nature, to impose, to give-up, to stand and do nothing. But I think we need to consider others feelings/opinions and give-up sometimes. Take a mid-way; compromise; encourage others; give kind words, not advice; help the whole group; be the team binder, not the leader...

This might help the world be more friendly, more approachable, more appreciative...
Togetherness, Brotherhood, Co-operation, Sharing will lead to Success, Sportsmanship, Love, Peace and harmony, and thus, happiness...All it takes is some effort from all of us.

For me, the better world has less inter-communal tensions and less hatred among people. If this is the way to archive it, then be it.....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All for lurve.

First of all, wishing u all "Happy valentines day!".

Doesn't mean much to me, nor do i understand the intricate details so as to why we are expected to be all mushy, sweet, appreciative, just coz its 14th February! Well, whatever be it, 14th february is celebrated, on a pretty large scale, in india [urban] and world-over, for reason which is called "love".
[Hereafter, all points mentioned are with respect to the love for ones partner.]

I have never been in love, i don't understand love. For me it is just some chemicals called 'hormones' running all through your brain and body to give you the "high". I have heard people talk of it though. According to people i have had the conversation with regarding love, well, heres what it sounds like.
You are crazy about that particular person, you miss them all the time, they are in and around your mind, you think of them, you like them, their habits, smile, eyes, talks, voice, smell, everything!; they become the center of all your attention, they make you feel special, they understand you, you understand them, you feel like spending every free minute with them, they and you just make your life seem puurrfeecttttttt!!!!! Pretty much it, right?

So, why is it important that the particular person looks pretty?
Why is it important that you look at your best when you see them?
Why should we give priority to what our friends would think if they don't like him/her?
Why pretend to impress them?
yes, i am verryy confused about love and issues related to it.

If being in love gives someone else authority to take my decisions, makes them the center of my life, asks me to pretend [in any way], asks me to change [in any way], makes me dependent on them, makes me affected directly or indirectly by whatever they say/do; I don't understand whats all the fun in it?

The questions most love-birds ask me,
Am i looking good?
Do you think he likes me?
Do you think he reaalllyy likes me?
Are we gonna make a hot couple? (?)
Is there any future to this relationship?
How could he do this to me?
Is it high time we got committed?
arrgghhh, Getta life people!!!

Don't we all want that special person to walk right past us and be with us forever? Yes, you cant live alone all your life, but isn't it irrational to declare a life-partner in your 3 month old relationship at 16 years of age? And social networking sites! oh man! yes, you can find a lot of hot people in there and finally may end up in love with any of them, so? make a pass on every female possible, you never know who is "made" for you. I have no words whatsoever to describe this......

Don't worry about riots, hunger, unemployment, global warming, crime against women, child-labor, racism, child-abuse, exams, dirty-politics, robberies, religious intolerance, elections, cricket, sale!, friends, economical issues, technological-crisis; coz hey!! valentines day is here!!!!!

Go on, blow some more money on the one you love, the one who might just leave you if you don't do that, and yes, have a great day..
Once again, "Happy valentines day!!"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The mumbai chills......

Temperatures in mumbai falling below 10 degree celsius? Something i couldn't even imagine up till a couple of weeks ago. Well now that it actually has happened, i was thinking how to deal with it. Because, mumbai is NOT ready for it. I for one, am absolutely not ready!

Early morning, traveling through train, i realized how relevant this was. All people in their costume to beat the chills; sweaters, shawls, etc. etc....n me? in full-sleeve [good for nothing] chiffon clothes. And as i don't have too many of them, [and i don't do my laundry regularly] after 3-4 days, back 2 sleeve-lesses and comfy [ha ha!] cottons. I hate sweaters, and hate is not a word i use often. Also because it takes me time to get accustomed to new things, and when i get accustomed, there is no need to be used to it. Shivering top to bottom, as my clothes flew all over the place, adding to the cold; Me getting all numb [nose being the 1st thing 2 catch the chill]; People giving me dark stares; some wondering about my resistance, some about my stupidity. My body cells have become so hyperactive ever since, that now i get goose-bumps for absolutely anything!!

Don't blame me for it. How am I suppose to react if my city's weather suddenly decides to go to an extreme? No gloves, shawls, no suitable footwear. Thank-god i am used to wearing socks everyday!

Well, I blame the most heard term during summers, yes, 'global warming' for it. Lame men might say, good, its cold; helps fight against global warming. Little do they know about green house gases. Just because it is called "global warming", it is not only about increasing heat.
The earth has its own mechanisms for regulating the weather conditions, which are reflected by temperatures. These act by means of winds. If the mechanism collapses, temperatures will rise in summer, yes, but when degrees fall in winters, atmosphere is incapable of bouncing back to normal. How do I know this? AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH by Al Gore. And for people who say that temperatures of mumbai are going low perennially, all i have to say is this.
Temperatures in winters will fall, but in summer shall rise. And if it is falling below all expectations, yea, u guessed it right........
As a result, after a couple of years, we will be like, Oh! i just miss the ideal mumbai weather...
We shouldn't crib about it, I agree. All i have to say is, don't be ignorant either.

So what measures should we take against it? As of now, face the freezing colds, that is quite a big deal by itself.
And for the long run, [at the risk of sounding like a parrot] COMBAT GLOBAL WARMING!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reality TV and kids

Can we please put a stop to "talent" shows for kids. Put an end to all talent shows, yes, but as of now, no kids shows puh-lease.

They are endless in number. Every popular channel and regional channel takes one show to its credit. Theoretically, there is nothing incorrect in looking for children who are talented. But the current format of talent hunt shows makes this exercise deeply reprehensible. Small children, hardly 5-6 years old, breaking down and weeping in the middle of the show, and the camera going into tight close-ups while mournful music plays in the background. Disgusting!

Moreover, the kids are made to live away from family, school, friends. In order to get them "trained"! Why don't people realize that the kid will undergo changes in the future as they grow up, that might not be suitable for an ideal playback singer. The kids don't understand half the things in the concept. They pull nice audience and get decent TRPs yes, but on the cost of what? their childhood? The children taught to beg for the votes that determine their shelf-life; They be told to work on their image, as a public figure, fan-following; Playing with their innocent emotions by teaching them the dirty tricks of the world; Pulling them onto the stage n eliminate them one by one; Torturing them until they break-down. The kids undergoing through all the trauma, why? To live their parents unfulfilled dreams? Or get some big-shot channel producer all the ad money?

The makers of the show surely need some psychologists out there to explain to them the long-lasting images that may remain in the kids conscious. Why not keep all 10-15, make them sing/dance/act/paint/recite/talk in different rounds, and chose the best? [without public voting n other nonsense please]. But this wont get them to cover what TRPs demand. Emotional melodrama.

Edit the tried and tested formulas, make more shows. But this is the manipulation of the most unethical kind. And its something we can all do without.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The other side of me...

Well, i have been with myself all my life. But "me" is something i am most confused about. And i have finally deduced the reason for that.

'Me' undergoes transitions.
'Me' is usually under illusions.
'Me' learns from situations, tight spots.
'Me' misunderstands, misinterprets, does mistakes. But then, they are all part of being me.
'Me' likes to experiment i.e. does new things.
'Me' realizes things.
'Me' experiences and makes a choice; either yes, or no.
But then, 'me' is never just me, its influenced by several other 'me's.

Also, here me is not just shatabdi, according 2 me, its all of us.

Coming back to my other side. I am told [numerous times] that i have a very sensitive, mature person hiding behind myself. This post is the reply to all people who talk about the "akkal". All shades of me, are a part of me. I am calm, sober, loud, good, confused, bad, lazy, unpredictable, nasty, patient, happy, understanding, abusive, angelic, cute, quite, psychic, crazy, sweet, mad, talkative, naughty, ugly, bitter etc. etc. all at once!!! Well, only my good friends have actually seen all these and many more shades. For others, i am the usual talking, happy person. Probably that gets my friends confused.

But no-one ever remains the same. So, no-one should ever stop exploring themselves.
Ending with a thought...

Take a minute before you sleep each night and think about yourself.
Think about your day
and how you contribute to the world in your little way.
Your mistakes, kind words you said,
Things you thought you would do, Things you finally did.
Life might be short, long; you've gotta live it all,
If you get up each time, its not that bad to fall.

: )