Wednesday, March 6, 2013

With every decision you have ever made, you will live

When you wander too close to the edge of the cliff;

The heart races, almost palpitating..
Your gut twitches and the brain signals one thousand SOS!
Every sense wrongs you, every feeling is inhibitory
All you hear is, No.
Panic alarms go off, sound like a siren, pounding against your ear.
Consciously, you can feel the ground, every grain, every pebble, every single crevice.
Your body screams, just get back to reality and walk away.

But something inside you refuses.
Words start flowing through your head.
Fear, safety, reason, survival, deception, impulse, courage, curiosity, excitement, adventure!

What’s the worst that could happen?
So many things! You're stupid!
Every cell in you pleads, to give up, asking you to stop!

You want to quit, to take a time-out.
Terrified, almost trembling, you dare!
to take a look into what lies beyond.
The sea calms you a little.
Shuts every sensation for a second.
In this very moment you know that you have to.
You wouldn't be able to live with yourself if you didn't.

As your legs take the plunge, your heart sinks.
Brain dies temporarily and you freeze
You don't think anymore. You feel.
Like you've never felt before.
 It’s good, Very good.


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