Thursday, November 10, 2011


Love. The chase. The madness.
Essence of Life. Hyped concept.
The lust for more and more of Love.

Honesty. Frank open-mouthed-ness.
Clears the air. Guilt-free.
or Honesty which is abrasive, Raw.

Abuse. Inappropriate, unconventional.
The vices. Indulgence,
or Exploitation of another's space / property.

Want. Desire.
To let the urges take over the whole of you.
To not regret anything, Ever.

Religion. To worship and how.
Wash brains, cleanse souls, follow rituals.
To believe or make-believe.

Respect. Or the sheer absence of it.
Towards something that is available for free.
For someone's feelings.

Resilience. Intolerance. Frustration. Envy.
Calculation. Reasoning. Brainstorming all Pros and Cons.
Emotion. Heart. Flowing with the heart.

Or Happiness in else's pain.

Nothing is wrong. And Nothing is right.
It's just a frame of one's mind.


Atrocious Scribblings said...

Quite philosophical.

Someone is a closet philosopher eh???

Arnab Majumdar said...

Beneath the brilliant ideas, beneath the intellect and resonating thoughts, we are mere mortal, primordial beings. Maybe it's good, maybe it's exactly what's needed to keep us grounded...

Arnab Majumdar

Anindita said...


I like!

Spaceman Spiff said...

I read in one of your old posts that you are indeed a HCU product. Hi-faive! :) What batch were you in? I was in MA Communication 2007-09.

Oh and the post is great. :) I like fragmented writing.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

All of these are nice, but like the Want.Desire the obvious, yet most of all fall prey to guilt so easily...and I would also add the word 'Temptation' somewhere...

Express said...

No. Philosophy doesnt work for me. It is just something I wanted 2 write on since a very VERY long time.

Thats a thought! There are two sides of everything. What makes the difference is which side we choose and how comfortable we are with our choice.

Like someone had told me, There is no white, there is no black.. there is just gray and gray is what our lives are.
To uncertainty!

Express said...


Remember the conversation we had on friends with benefits? 10% inspiration of this post :P

^5 to you too!! :)

MSc Biochemistry 2009-2011. You walked out and I walked in. We will surely have 100 common friends on fb :-/

and thanks man. Writing does get fragmented when the writer has no idea what they r talking abt :P

Cяystal said...

Abrasive and raw! That is the beauty of it.

Loved every word. You're fucking good with this, woman. Aur likha kar naa!
and agh, if we could live without regrets. Life would be somewhere else.

Express said...

You know what? Temptation was the name of this post before I got too many ideas, edited it and made this nothing out of it.

I am a bad writer :-/


Yes. 1s a week. Thats the plan. Now I have 2 come up with another plan 2 stick to the original plan :P :P

I did something very bad that was totally against my principles. And I dont regret any of it.
Funny how life can be so simple and so convoluted at the same time...

Alok said...

Hmm, so there are two sides to everything, eh?

The "everything is relative" point of view is just an escapist's credo.

Death is absolute. Life is absolute.
Freedom is absolute.

Even an escapist will struggle, scream and kick around when put in a cage.

Consciousness escapes definition. It's the most sacred thing in the world.

Anything that supports life, respects freedom, and honours consciousness is right. Anyone that kills, binds others' physical freedom, and promotes brainlessness is wrong.

Alok said...

Also, nice title. :)

Express said...

And THAT is the frame of your mind!

See, everyone who does the (in your opinion) "wrong" things, doesnt really think they r doing anything wrong. It is either too much fun, or convenient, or righteous in their opinion.

I know you have a lot to say in it. But well, I have always been open to various opinions on a topic. So, go on..

Alok said...

I'm not talking about opinions here. Opinions are relative. That just reinforces the fact that Freedom is absolute. Everyone is free to have opinions.

Life is absolute. Even if someone thinks taking someone else's life is right, they're wrong.

There's a huge contradiction when someone who is alive and free says he/she has the right to kill or bind others without reason.

If their logic is right, anyone has the right to kill them that very instant. They will of course not want that: they want to live. Hence the contradiction.

As for those who don't want to live and yet are killing others: Can you see the contradiction in their actions? If they don't want to live, why are they using life to kill others?

There is an obvious exception here - killing for self defence. That is done to protect life itself, and is done to prevent wrong.

Express said...

too much to say, hence I shall use the pointer tool! :P

1. Freedom cannot be absolute. Opinion sure, but people cannot be absolutely free. The laws of all kinds (court, nature, society) will be against it. Rules that maintain order are good. But they sure restrict the freedom.

2. See, for the person who kills someone coz they believe it isnt wrong, he is right. So whatever he does, he still remains right. If he does the killing despite knowing that it would lead to himself being killed, he still BELIEVES himself to be right. Nothing you or I say can change what he believes.

For eg: When our extremist freedom fighters killed the British people, they believed they were eliminating the wrong people who made our lives miserable. The officers believed they had the right to do whatever they wanted 2 as we were their colony. And freedom fighters believed what they did was right for the 'patriotic' sense of the thing.
Both were (by your definition) wrong. By nature and by morals. But till believe that they are right, definitions can go to the trashcan.

3. the self defense wala example was kickass man! I must admit, I never thought from that angle :)

4. BUT,
when I said,
nothing is wrong and nothing is right; I meant it.

Lets keep life aside for a moment.
Take it from a different angle. More simple and everyday relevant.
* they say studying late isnt the right thing to do. But I'd rather study late than not study at all.
* In a relationship or a marriage. They always have a list of dos and donts. But the list never works for all relationships man. Some women might be ok with their husbands having other sexual partners. Others might not even be ok with their guys spending money on his own mother!

Everything is relative
and everything is dubious.

Till we can make peace out of our own lives, Everything is wrong and yet somehow, every single thing is also right.

Alok said...

"Everything is relative"

Alright then. From today on, I'll start believing 1+1=3. I'll also start believing that gravity doesn't work on me, and that I will continue to live after jumping off Mt. Everest without support.

But that doesn't work, does it?

Some things are wrong, some things are right. If I want to live, it would be wrong of me to go jump into a tank of piranhas.

Some things are absolute. Life. Death. Physical Laws.

Why do you want to keep Life aside and focus on trivial stuff like studying late or relationships? Without Life, there can't be any of those things.

If Life and Death is dubious, why doesn't everyone pull out guns and start killing each other? Because they know that shooting someone else will most probably take their life.

If killing others isn't logically wrong, why don't we start doing it?Because we want to live. Because if we agree not to kill each other, we are assured that no one will kill us. And that works!

If a person doesn't believe that killing people is wrong, he/she is logically obliged to believe that killing him/her isn't wrong either. But such people usually want to remain alive themselves, and are hence contradicting themselves through their actions.

As for those people who don't want to live and yet kill other people... can't you see the absurdity?

Freedom is absolute too.

You can restrict people by making laws, but you cannot take away their freedom unless you use physical methods. For example, the people in Libya might have lived in one of the most oppressive countries in the world, but they used their freedom to fight for their rights and now they are free.

"Till we can make peace out of our own lives, Everything is wrong and yet somehow, every single thing is also right."

Keep making generalized non-statements like these, and you won't go anywhere. One has to believe in something in order to make decisions. You believe in Life; hence you continue to live.

Express said...

Whatever u say sounds so mechanical to me.
Am I saying newton's laws are wrong? well they r correct. But if someone truly believes in the justin league or even supernatural powers, the laws fall flat n people do fly in the sky!

one can go jump from the cliff believing that they arent going 2 fall down. when they bang their heads and die, they will b proven wrong, yes.
But will they be wrong to jump off the mountain top?
NO. because they did something they truly and honestly believed in.
stupid? yes. but wrong? not really.

you know what im trying 2 say man.. aur baat ko gol gol ghumake kuch milega nahi. you believe in 1 thing, i believe in another. you staunch stick 2 ue beliefs, i will try n stick 2 mine!!!!!!

Express said...

ok the exclamations were not intended purposely :P it was 3 am and i was too tired 2 think or type witty stuff.

I know how much u hate them :D :D so apologies. :)

Nidhi said...

You write well...liked your previous post too. Blogrolling you!