Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My City is burning

And that makes me cry.

Never before in my whole life
Have people endlessly messaged me to "stay put"
Has an exam being canceled coz its NOT SAFE TO TRAVEL
Has the first local not run
Has the BSE be shut in the mid of the week
Has firing occurred at CST in the mid of the night
Has Times Now not delivered live news
Has My City waited patiently for all of it to end for fourteen hours
Have 11 locations under the arms of Mumbra ma been directly affected
Has The Taj breathed smoke
Has Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar and 8 other Mumbai police personnel not fought back
Have we seen people carrying hell lotta ammunition and shooting indiscriminately
Has the posh-est part of my city felt fright
Have people being butchered like animals
Have some 20 odd lads
affected the life of a regular mumbaikar

I have failed to understand
failed to find words
failed to calm down.

Why has My City being taken so much for granted?

How much do we have to pay?

When can we finally be free?

Friday, November 21, 2008

X-chromosomes, Sex-chromosomes..




All these and there are many more shades of Us that are even beyond your frame of imagination.
And now these shades shall be let loose. For Ourselves.

No need to explain to any-one what we might be upto,
No 'moral policing'
No fake masks worn to
hide the scars that life makes onto our faces..

No use of asterisks to hide our cuss words,
No theme, its random!
No signs for you to map, the way our brain works..
No rhythm, no tandem.

We are the Satanic-bitches
On our genes we believe.
No fate, no god, no asumption-presumption buisiness
We carve the path we ought to lead.

Nuff said, there is nothing else you need to know,
Watch-out for us,
you shall sure miss something.

The place where all the action shall happen is contributed by,
Trinaa : The love of my life! :-P
Anindita : My Siamese Twin :-D
Aayushi : The Golden girl :-)

Ladies n [gentle] men,
Presenting to you, Our baby;

Monday, November 17, 2008

Poona Puna Poone Poonay Poohne PUNE!

The city

where 75% population is under 30,
and accomodation is available plenty;
non-marathi speakers fall in trouble,
love stories shatter like a bubble;
Where education is ‘popular’,
Mango mastani simply spectacular!
And common-wealth games is called ‘Yuva krida mahotsav’....

Traffic rules do not exist,
People are absolutely not sexist;
Strange messages put up on puneri patya,
The yummiest varan-bhat, taak, bhakar-wadi and surdichya wadya;
Public transport is most low-geared,
If you don’t wear a scarf, you are considered weird;
Walk-in Plaza, KP, Camp, SB road, Law and FC,
People come to visit the university....

A little clean,
a little crowded,
a little pleasant,
a little comfortable,
sometimes very un-managable;
abundance and lack of sense
but a worthy experience.

Welcome to the city where dreams dwell

Welcome to Pune!

Yes, I am back. And apart from the food and hectic schedule, I loved this visit.
For people who did not understand; ask specific doubts :-D I will LOVE to explain :-P