Tuesday, August 28, 2007

After a long time..

So here i am, back after a very long time..

I was just thinking the other day about the kind of music prevalent among the youth now-a-days..It is definitely rock.. Well..even i listen 2 rock, can relate to it. I enjoy listening 2 English songs, head-banging on metal, jumping up and down on pop and really appreciate the sound of drums..

But shouldn't we first appreciate the form of music that originally belongs to us? I know ppl who don't want to listen to bollywood music just coz its Indian!I mean some the new songs [read himesh] get on my nerves too..but the songs belonging to olden-golden era? and classical music? instrumentals?...when someone insults them, my blood boils....
I am not asking all Indians to put their feet down and stop listening to the kind of music that appeals to you..but v need to even appreciate the form that is actually ours..if u don't understand the beauty of it, it doesn't become less beautiful to me..

But then why am i being sucha _____ and insisting that people not insult Indian music? well..its all part of being Indian...isn't it?